ZTE Nubia Z18S Teased in a Video with Second Screen on its Rear

Several days after releasing Nubia Z18 with around 91.8% screen-to-body ratio which is lots of screens, Nubia Z18S is coming. The upcoming smartphone from ZTE will be holding 2 screens if a recent video turns out to be true. The second screen is holding its position on its rear and quite larger compared to Meizu Pro 7 had. Making a long story short, it’s big enough to run a full UI of a handset. Don’t hold your breath as it’s not the first time we’ve seen a handset along 2 screens. The YotaPhone houses a rear-facing black and white E-Ink display.

However, a ZTE’s unit shows a color display on its rear which seemingly rules out an E-Ink panel for now. Most probably, a rear screen will have a low-resolution LCD panel as compared to the first screen. As users will be able to use it only for video chats and selfies. Moreover, it will do several tasks normally a phone’s front selfie camera manages. The video also indicates that a rear-facing screen with an analogue clock, a home screen alongside multiple app icons.

Adding a second screen is indeed a good news for those who hate adopting a smartphone with a Notch. Having the second screen means a Notch is not really necessary but there is a question, will Z18S have a Notch? We’ve gone through numerous leaked images showing that Z18S is wearing a Notch similar to one found on Essential Phone.

Expected Specifications

Being a flagship smartphone, we’re expecting it to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset. Before the end of last year, a list of all smartphones expected to house Snapdragon 845 SOC leaked, Z18S was on such list.

That’s it. We don’t know any further in terms of ZTE Nubia Z18S specifications nor availability and price. It’s most likely be landed in China initially and later will land on shelves in India and other regions. Either it comes to Australia or not, it’s also a mystery, for now.

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