Xiaomi: World’s 4th Largest Smartphone Brand – Sitting behind Apple and Samsung

Without a doubt, Xiaomi worked hard just to be on number one position among all over the brands’ race. In Australia, there is a brand competition and the audience is taking benefits from it as these trade competitions make market value almost double in no time. Not a number one, however, Xiaomi is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand officially in terms of quarterly sales and market presence.  Xiaomi removed Vivo from the Top 5 list and also hard-pressed Oppo behind and sitting at number four right below Huawei.

A Quick Overview of Xiaomi Company

Xiaomi is a leading and well-demanded Chinese smartphone/eco-product maker breaking records and reaching new heights and is now the 4th biggest smartphone seller in the world.

“Xiaomi has performed remarkably awesome by boosting its global sales while sticking to its low-cost policy” Based on a report released by an industry.

Not too long ago, Xiaomi filed for an IPO (initial public offering) in HongKong and scouting to raise $100 billion in the capital – it seems that this will be the biggest IPO recorded since 2014. When Xiaomi was globalizing its operation in 2017, faced a major decline in sales volume.

According to the recent leak regarding worldwide smartphone market – the trend is showing the latest Market Share – Year over Year Growth and 2018’s Q1 growth, whereas the shipment elements are showing values in millions.

Worldwide Smartphone Market, Top 5 Company Shipments, Market Share and Year-over-Year Growth, Q1 2018 (Shipments in Millions)

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As you can see Samsung is leading the graph by sitting on number one position. It is just because Samsung is a trendsetting brand and launches something unique every time. Xiaomi is sitting on number 4 exactly below Huawei.

The graph also shows that Xiaomi has increased 87.8% year-over-year change and here is where Xiaomi shines. If Xiaomi will keep working with the same zeal, nothing can stop it from holding number one position in the future.

All in all, the overall market has shrunk by 2.4%, but Xiaomi and Samsung performed well and increased their sales volume. Once again, Samsung recovered its top spot by outranking Apple in Q1 2018 by shipping 78.2 million units.

Samsung brand is quite popular in the western part of the world, especially in North America. While in Australia, China, and India, Samsung faces strong competition against economical brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and of course Huawei.

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