Xiaomi MiTu Drone: That Can Records Video Upto 720p

Xiaomi MiTu Drone: Review, Features, Price, and Specifications ( Australia )

A Chinese electronic gadgets manufacturer “Xiaomi” has just unveiled its second drone namely “Xiaomi MiTu Drone” bringing infrared battle features allowing multi-player flights. The MiTu Drone also offers First Person View (FPV). Here is Xiaomi MiTu Drone review including its prices, availability, and specs. So, let’s get it on.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone Specs

Let’s have a quick overview of Xiaomi MiTu Drone features and specifications.

  • It comes in a compact size and blade protectors are removable.
  • The gadget has a multi-machine infrared battle mode.
  • Altitude holds for stable flying.
  • There is a 720P camera for aerial filming.
  • It captures images at 1600 x 1200 resolution, whereas records videos at 1280 x 720 resolution.
  • The MiTu Drone has Wi-Fi real-time image transmission.
  • It can flip and roll at 360 degrees.
  • 920mAh battery enables up to 10 minutes play time.
  • The MiTu Drone is a cable for stable flying thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor.

It seems like there is no remote controller included which means it can be controlled entirely by your smartphone.

Just like in China, Xiaomi MiTu Drone News in Australia is also circulating and everyone is curious which features the MiTu Drone will be loaded with. Here is a brief description which will help you understand it even better.

Xiaomi Mi TU - TechenGuru

Xiaomi MiTu Drone Features: Brief Description

Talking about its specs, there is a 920mAh battery permit around 10 minutes of continuous flight time. To be frank, it’s quite perfect for such a small and inexpensive drone.

Furthermore, Xiaomi MiTu Drone is loaded with a 720P camera with Wi-Fi real-time image broadcast. It has the capability to capture photos with a resolution of 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels and record videos at 1280 pixels by 720 pixels.

Just like previous DJI Tello, Xiaomi MiTu also sports brushed motors. In short, there are so many parallels between these two drones. Both drones feature the category under $100 drones devoted to newbie pilots and both DJI Tello and MiTu Drone are delivered with removable blade protectors.

What’s in the Box?

  • 920mAh flight battery
  • USB battery charger
  • 6 pieces of spare propellers (3 x CW & 3 x CCW)
  • 1 set of blade protectors
  • User manual

 Xiaomi MiTu Drone Price and Availability

As far as Xiaomi MiTu Drone price in Australia is concerned, it is listed for AU$100. However, it’s not officially available right now, but it will be up for sale starting only with April 26 (or perhaps even a bit later).

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