WhatsApp Starts Showing Ads in “Status” Feature – Confirmed

Facebook has already paid a whopping sum for WhatsApp – $16 Billion – mind-boggling? So many of us worldwide are wondering how WhatsApp (world’s biggest social network) is going to make money from the world’s biggest cross-platform messaging service. Well, the answer came quite a few months back when WhatsApp revealed that the Status feature will start using ads.

The executive of WhatsApp has unveiled that it’s the “Primary” monetization mode we are going to adopt.

What is Status Feature?

The Status feature is basically an extension of Stories’ feature on WhatsApp. We weren’t surprised when the company announced that WhatsApp will deliver ads via Status. Ads are already being shown in Instagram’s Stories and have seen considerable success, without any doubt. That absolutely makes sense for Facebook-owned WhatsApp to do the same.

A Vice President of WhatsApp Mr. Chris Daniels repeated that the company has already said that soon we will start putting ads in Status.

“So that is going to be a primary monetization Mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp”,

he added further.

Well, Mr. Daniels didn’t reveal a specific date when asked if he could provide a particular timeframe of precisely when WhatsApp users could start seeing ads. Based on several media reports, users will start seeing ads sooner instead of later. Let’s wait for that.

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