WhatsApp is Stretching Out the Time to Erase Messages

Extending Time ( Delete for Everyone) - Latest WhatsApp News

WhatsApp had released its new feature last year that allows users to delete sent messages within 7 minutes After introducing the much-awaited feature of WhatsApp, the app is planning to make drastic changes to this option. The latest update for the android users enables to delete messages for everyone sent within 4096 seconds which means 68 min and 16 sec. This feature is only available for Android Smartphone users. Apple (IOS) will have to wait.

Whatsapp extending time to delete messages - TechenGuru

This feature will come with Beta WhatsApp for Android 2.18.69, not sure when this reaching the non-beta Android and iPhone users.

Whatsapp extending time to delete messages - TechenGuru

Features that everyone don’t know’

  • Users are only able to delete messages from their Smartphones.
  • The recipient will still be able to see the text.
  • This feature was much anticipated among users.
  • It works when you tap or hold the message, and choose ‘’Delete’’ and then ‘’Delete for everyone’’.
  • You will have 7 min to delete the message.
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