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What Does It Mean on Snapchat When It Says “Pending”

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Whenever you send a Snap and Snapchat displays "Pending," it means that your Snap hasn't been successfully sent just yet. Here is what it means on Snapchat and how to fix it.

The popular messaging and media app Snapchat has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide. Although Snapchat is a great way to have fun and stay in touch with friends, it may be annoying when you send a message but the recipient just sees “Pending” instead of “Delivered” with a blue arrow.

What does Snapchat’s “Pending” status signify, and why is it appearing now? This article will explain what Snapchat’s “Pending” status implies and provide solutions for getting rid of it. Continue reading to learn more!

What Does It Mean on Snapchat When It Says Pending
Image Credit: Techenguru

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

The Snapchat user’s snap or message is “Pending” if it has not yet been delivered to them. Nonetheless, the word “Delivered” will be displayed on the streak after it has been sent. Yet, a gray symbol will be shown underneath it. The individual just hasn’t added you as a friend. This individual is not one of your Snapchat friends. This does not eliminate the possibility that there are other reasons behind it. We’ve listed all the possible explanations for Snapchat’s “Pending” status.

Why Do You Get “Pending” Messages on Snapchat?

  • You Have Been Unfriend

Unfriending you on Snapchat might be the first cause of the “Pending” status. You’ve known this person for quite some time, but suddenly you see a gray arrow. If they do this, it means they no longer consider you a friend. You’ll need to visit the user’s profile to see whether they’ve unfriended you or not, since Snapchat won’t send you a notification if someone deletes you from their account.

  • Your Friend Request is Pending

The primary cause of the “Pending” status on Snapchat is the rejection of your friend request by the Snapchatter in question. Besides, it’s possible that they didn’t get your message or chose to disregard it. They won’t be able to see the streaks you sent until they accept your request.

  • The Recipient Has Blocked You

It’s possible for someone to block you without you knowing it. It’s worth repeating that Snapchat doesn’t notify you when a person blocks you. That’s one of the explanations for the pending notifications you’ve been receiving on Snapchat.

  • Snapchat Restricted Your Account

If Snapchat determines that you have harassed other users or broken other rules, it will disable your account. These will restrict your ability to freely send messages and streaks. Hence, you may expect to see a lot more Pending on Snapchat in the next month or two.

  • Snapchat is Down

All Snapchat messages are transmitted to Snapchat’s servers before being sent to the intended recipient. A pending notification will appear if Snapchat’s servers are unavailable and your message will not be sent. Hence, a website like Downdetector may help you determine whether this is the case.

How to Fix “Pending” On Snapchat?

  • Send Streaks to Other Friends

Send streaks to other friends and see whether the same gray “Pending” symbol appears in their conversations to see if the problem is specific to your account. There must be an issue on your end if it is showing up.

  • Check Your Network Connection

Unfortunately, network problems are sometimes to blame. If that’s the case, you may test your online connections. Shut off your wireless network and then start it back up if you’re using it. Verify your mobile service provider and any other relevant details.

  • Connect With Your Friend on Other Apps

You may see “Pending” next to a friend’s name if they have removed the app or haven’t used it in a while. It means you won’t be able to reach your friend through Snapchat, but you still may be able to reach them via email or another social networking platform.

  • Cancel the Request & Send It Again

Maybe you were overlooked among their numerous requests, or they just didn’t see you sooner. If you’re worried about them ignoring your request, you may always delete them as a friend and then add them again. If they already know you, they will accept the request; otherwise, your chances of being added to their friends’ list are minimal.

The Last Word

By default, Snapchat only allows friends to send you snaps. Snapchat’s “Pending” function was created to enhance the app’s user experience and cut down on unwanted messages. Moreover, users of Snapchat will no longer be bothered by unsolicited snaps and picture spam thanks to this handy new feature.

Well, “Pending” snaps are frustrating, particularly when you don’t know why they’re occurring. Lucky for you, this guide clarified what the Snapchat status “pending” means, why it happens, and how to fix it. Now, after you see the word “Pending” on Snapchat, you’ll know what to do.

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