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What Does OBJ Mean on Facebook?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

When we post stuff on Facebook and then add various emojis to express how we feel, we may be confused as to why the emojis have been changed to an OBJ in a dotted box when we go back to check the post later.

As if it couldn’t understand our emotions, the platform now displays a dotted box labelled “OBJ” in place of the icons. First of all, it occurs pretty often, so you may be certain that other people have had a similar experience.

Facebook users are probably wondering what the heck it means when they see OBJs instead of emojis on the social media site, and luckily for them, they’ve come to the right place. Let’s figure out what does OBJ mean on Facebook and how to get rid of it by reading this post!

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

What Does OBJ Mean on Facebook?

The sign OBJ in a dotted box represents the ‘object replacement character.’ Facebook utilises OBJ to indicate that there is an object, which may appear strange given that it is not a true abbreviation.

From a technological standpoint, each and everything we encounter when browsing the web is an object. However, the OBJ sign particularly indicates those things that Facebook is unable to show you on your screen.

Reasons for spotting OBJ on Facebook

If Unicode is intended to decipher the emojis, then seeing OBJ on your Facebook screen is really confusing. Yes, you are right; OBJ should not be shown on your display. To be clear, this is not the case unless your device has recently received an update that prevents Unicode from displaying a specific symbol or emoji.

Facebook’s OBJ acronym requires some technical knowledge in order to be decoded. If you don’t know what’s causing the OBJ on Facebook, it’s going to be tough to find a good fix. Let’s go through some of the most frequent explanations for why OBJ shows up on your screen so that you can find the one that applies to you.

  • Software Bug

There is nothing we can do about these technical glitches if you are certain that you used Android smartphones to upload and view OBJ boxes and are still seeing them. Instagram captions that include OBJ emojis or lines imply that the accompanying special character or picture has been corrupted in some way.

There may be a problem with your Facebook app or with the font libraries in your software. You might try updating the software or operating system on your device to see if it helps with the OBJ problems. It’s thus possible that the OBJ emoji issue is due to a bug in the software.

  • Apple Updating Emoji’s Library

If this keeps happening, it’s probably because you’re not keeping up with the latest iOS upgrades. Numerous incompatibilities with your device’s apps are the direct result of it. Apple regularly releases updates to the iOS emoji collection in an effort to enhance its use for iPhone users.

Using an out-of-date operating system or application is a big contributor to the OBJ’s look. Apple emoji collection is sophisticated and typically displays an OBJ box on Android devices whenever someone shares an emoji from the iPhone.

Facebook users who haven’t updated their emoji library won’t be able to see these emojis. To its emoji collection, Apple regularly releases new symbols and emojis, unlike Google’s less frequent upgrades. This enables Facebook’s infrastructure to support Apple’s modern emoji collection.

  • Voice-to-Text in iPhone

This issue occurs when iPhone users try to use dictation to make comments or posts. This is due to software problems that attempt to interpret characters that Facebook does not support.

How to Get Rid of OBJ on Facebook?

We have a fix for the problem for those who are sick of seeing OBJ when they open Facebook. As a first step, you should attempt installing the latest operating system update for your device. This should resolve the issue of OBJ caused by OS for those who were previously affected.

Moreover, the most recent upgrades may be the cause of the issue for iPhone owners. Waiting for Facebook and Android to work together to catch up to the iPhone’s development is the best option at this time. What this implies is that you have to wait patiently and see what happens. Next time you get this problem, don’t freak out and simply follow the instructions mentioned in this guide.


Why does my Facebook post say OBJ?

If your Facebook post contains the word OBJ, it indicates that a certain item or object cannot be seen on your screen. An OBJ may stand in for anything from a certain typeface to a specific character to a specific symbol to even an emoji.

What is the purpose of OBJ on Facebook?

When an object is too large to fit on the screen, it may be replaced with the OBJ placeholder. The OBJ replacement will show up in place of any undecodable characters on your device.

How to get rid of OBJ on Facebook?

As long as your system software and Facebook app are up to date, removing OBJ is a breeze. Otherwise, the OBJ may appear on your screen because your outdated operating system is incapable of recognising modern emojis.

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