The Google Home Hub Comes with Chrome Browser Installed (Hidden and Cut Down)

It’s been so many times we have been hearing that there is an interface in a Google Home Hub which looks a lot like a Chrome Browser. What actually it is? It behaves very much like a cut down version of Chrome as well.

Based on quite a few websites, the browser is brought up by completing a voice search for something which will come back with a detailed information result such as Wikipedia.

Google Home Hub

Once it’s displayed you have a scrollable version of Chrome open that will enable navigation away to other websites (without direct URL input) if links are there on a Wikipedia page, to begin with.

9to5Google has reported that the browser itself as Chrome 70 on Android which appears to go against the information announced by Google is saying it’s a derivation of a Cast platform.

According to Variety’s Janko Rottgers,

“The Home Hub doesn’t have a browser app. However, searching for an image often leads to results that then link to third-party websites like Wikipedia. Follow that link, and you are able to browse pretty much the entire online encyclopedia — with one notable exception: Home Hub doesn’t offer an on-screen keyboard, and there’s no option to dictate text input. It means you will no longer be able to search for anything anymore.”

This time around, alas, there is no method for next entry and there is no ability to copy and paste. Importantly, getting your keyboard connected won’t add that functionality either.

Nevertheless, of the current state of the browser in a Home Hub, it indicates, there is possible for increased functionality on a Home Hub that augurs well for its future.

Will Google make this feature to be easily accessible to end users? Perhaps, No! Is there anything you would like to see in Home Hub? Let us know down in a comment section below!

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