Telstra Plus – A New Reward Program Announced by Telstra

In an Australian Telco, Telstra announced “Telstra Plus” which a tier-based award program that gives loyal customers something back. Telstra Plus offers customers the opportunity to earn points on their monthly accounts and spend on new products and technologies later.

While there have been reward programs for many years — especially airlines and supermarkets — in a wide range of products and services, this is a first for the telecom market where competition for new customers and for retaining existing ones is more difficult than ever.

Telstra Plus

According to Telstra CEO Mr. Andy Penn,

“Australians have the option to join Telstra for their connectivity, technology and entertainment needs, and millions of our customers choose to stay with Telstra. In addition to the improvement in our value to customers, we also increase the ante by rewarding our customers for their loyalty over time with our broad network coverage and data speeds”.

“Every service, subscription or repayment for hardware will see clients gain insights into new technology and that we think is a quite strong offer”.

Though Optus offers their audience Optus Perks which includes massive discounts, pre-sale concert tickets and much more and Vodafone is offering Qantas Frequent Flyer points – but Telstra has set to be the first reward program of its kind. The most important thing is that existing and new Telstra customers will be able to benefit and access from this reward program.

What is Telstra Plus?

While the Telstra Thanks program offers Telstra customers the opportunity to access reduced movie and concert tickets from 2013, Telstra Plus is a new type of prize program. Telstra Plus will combine Telstra Thanks’ current rewards, but once it is launched, customers will have even more benefits.

Moreover, Telstra Plus not only gives customers access to discounted sports and movie tickets, concert tickets for pre-sales and other free and VIP services, but points can also be used in Telstra Plus Rewards. You can spend your reward points on devices and technology accessories in the Telstra Plus Rewards store.

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