Telegram Rolls Out Native Support for Polls in Chart

A Could-based immediate messaging and voice over IP service named “Telegram” has rolled out native support for polls in chat on this Christmas.

In Telegram’s V5.2 app, the inclusion of chats is quite neat as one can now add a poll right from the attachments menu. And for greater visibility or pinned to the top of the chat, these polls are able to be forwarded to the other chats with ease. In that case, you would not know who has voted what, as the chat results are anonymised.


According to Telegram,

“We may look at launching non-anonymous polls but as we take our commitment to our privacy very strictly, we will be very clearly marked as non-anonymous.”

Aside from everything, Telegram is indeed great about adding Android features. It seems that users having iPhones will get a little bit of love this time around with image Search making a return and cache file size displaying correctly in setting as well.

Right now, this update with polls included is available from Google Play Store. So, make sure you update your apps.

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