T-Mobile Offers an Amazing Deal to Their Customers

T Mobile has announced a big deal for their customer. If you buy any Samsung smartphone and also you are a new customer you will be given a 50 inches 4K TV. Amazing?

If you want to be added and qualify this offer, you have to be registered online first and TV will be sent to you after some time. Actually there no any end date and the official date of this offer – thus this offer will be available until TV supply is depleted.

It could not be worth buying as T-Mobile did not say that it will be a branded TV or smart TV etc. So you should not expect that it will something worth having if you want to take advantage of this deal.

It will not give you any advantage, though, if you are buying a new phone or ready to add a new line if you are not ready to use it just for sake of having a TV. But if you are willing to buy a new Samsung phone or as well ready to sign up for new line, you can have taken advantage of this offer by T Mobile.

In order to qualify for this offer, you will have to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Samsung Galaxy S9+.

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