How A Social Media Agency Changes The Way You Interact With Consumers

The French-influenced Montreal clamours with diversity. As Montreal is the largest city in the heart of Quebec’s modern landscape, it boasts an array of businesses, a lot of which have incorporated their services into the digital sphere.

As technology is highly accessible, digital connectivity is now more necessary than ever. At the forefront of connection are social media apps, which have changed the game for both brands and consumers. As a result, it is pertinent for businesses to have a strong social media presence to gain traction in highly competitive categories. If your business is around the area, and you are looking to improve your digital footprint, consider hiring a social media agency Montreal. Here are some reasons why.

Everyone Is Online

As of 2018, Canada has over 25.3 million social networking users. That means that over 67% of the country’s registered population relies on a digital mediator to interact with one another. Those people range from every demographic cohort, from infants to seniors, so there is plenty of potential in capturing your target market digitally. The top three social media apps used in Canada are Facebook (85%), YouTube (66%), and Instagram (43%). By incorporating your brand into those platforms, you can reliably reach millions of people at a time, at a frequency much higher than traditional media.

Even entertainment has shifted to the digital realm, and it is rare to find people who rely on cable TV as opposed to Netflix or Hulu. That is why even ad spaces have moved from magazines to Facebook and Instagram posts or in-between Youtube videos. To make full use of these platforms, you need to talk to consumers — get to know what they like and do not love about your brand, respond to comments and reviews, and keep a steady stream of interaction.

A social media agency in Montreal has a team of community managers that can help you interact with your audience. Moreover, campaign managers will aid you in effectively making use of a widely-available space to advertise your brand and create noise online.

Word-of-Mouth Is Everything

Brand ambassadors have been influencing consumerist culture from the beginning of the advertising age. You have Audrey Hepburn, whose 1960s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s influenced generations of little black dresses and Tiffany & Co sterling silver accessories. In the ’80s, Jane Birkin’s description of a bag resulted in the classic Hermes Birkin, which garnered a cult following of posh fashionistas.

Nowadays, Instagram has elevated the influencer game. One person’s recommendations can reach millions of users and generate millions of dollars’ worth of engagement, all through just one post. A prime example would be Sugarbearhair, a hair vitamin brand that was relatively unknown by the world until the Kardashians started posting photos with the blue, bear-shaped gummy vitamins. Now, despite a hefty price tag, the hair vitamins have gained a substantial following and even more customers.

Similarly, your company can reach millions of people by investing in influencers, but getting a hold of the right people who can reach the audience that you are after can be challenging. A social media agency can curate, contact, and manage your media list so that you have the right brand ambassadors on your arsenal.

There are many other ways that a social media agency can help you with, including lead conversion through the use of website optimization and content creation for your social media sites. In an age where virtually everyone is holding a smartphone and trends rise and fall quickly, you need to keep up with the pace for your business to thrive.

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