SmartThings Platform is being Offered Now by Samsung and RACV across Australia

After becoming a partner with RACV, Samsung announced the SmartThings platform all over Australia that enable Aussies to experience the SmartThings platform as a part of Smart Home Starter kit – available from RACV online.

smartthings Australia

The whole kit includes SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub, Temperature, motion, orientation and door/window sensors.

Head of Category Management at Samsung Electronics Australia Mr. Eric Chou said,

“The announcement of today is quite an important stage in Samsung’s journey with partners like FACV to support the lifestyle of Aussies with Smart Technologies which can be installed all around the home”.

SmartThings enables customers to connect SmartThings Hub to several compatible smart 3rd party devices such as lights, locks, cameras, and speakers as well as smoke detectors. Once connected, all these devices can be handled via the SmartThings app.

According to Nicole Brasz (Home Executive General Manager),

“Considering smart technology in Australia is growing substantially each year, RACV is committed to meeting the changing needs of our members in their homes”.

“The Smart Home Starter Kit is an excellent step for Aussies to start to connect and automate their homes. Each kit is backed by an installation and basic training service by a SmartThings specialist to help customers get the most out of their new platform and existing smart devices”.

Availability and Price

The RACV Smart Home Starter Kit is now available all over Australia from RACV and you can buy one after spending approx. $299 + $13.50 postage & handling.

 If you are living in Melbourne metro area, you can buy that SmartThings Home Starter Kit and have it installed by RACV’s experts for only $378.

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