Samsung to Show Off 8 Futuristic Projects to CES 2019

Image : Samsung Global Newsroom

Ahead of CES 2019, Samsung has now given a sight of the latest and coolest projects it plans to showcase at CES 2019 in Las Vegas – according to an official announcement made by Samsung.

Indeed CES has a reputation for serving coolest and innovative Technology and South Korean smartphone brand Samsung will continue that tradition with quite a few advanced AI-based projects.

Here is a list of 8 upcoming projects – via Samsung’s C-Lab which will be shown in a few days at CES 2019.


This project is meant to help content creators place ads in their videos – especially when live-streaming their content without even creating breaks to show ads to their viewers. In short, Tisplay is a virtual ad service which places ads on your content creators clothing using AR methods.


Samsung will also show MEDEO (for instant high-quality video recording and editing). With MEDEO, users will be able to shoot and edit videos simultaneously as AI will do half of the job such as analyzing scenes and context of a video as well as adding visual effect and background music.


A kind of sound recording app which will let users’ record quality-oriented and realistic sound – even if someone doesn’t have any experience. The aiMo pretends a human ear – so that you can record ASMR audio that sounds realistic and dimensional while listing to it using headphones.

Perfume Blender

Another project Samsung will show off at CES 2019 is a Perfume Blender to create custom scents. It’s a kind of service users will use to create one good fragrance from the ingredients of customers’ favorite perfumes.


Cannot you search news on the Internet properly? The PRISMIT would be quite handy for you. The PRISMIT will use machine learning and issue-clustering Technology to create detailed timelines from different articles.

This way, if someone tries to look up for something, PRISMIT will get full context and history of a matter and not just the most searched articles.


Another App which boasts a special earpiece for those with hearing problems. The SnailSound uses AI and works with the earpiece to modify sounds and audios based on user’s hearing ability. And once it’s modified, the sound then can be heard perfectly.


It can be defined as Samsung’s take on smart lighting with a specific focus on deskwork. It comes with cameras for analyzing user’s actions and adjusts the lights accordingly.

Grin Monitor Stand

It’s for correcting postures. The Grin Monitor Stand is loaded with certain sensors that will easily tackle a posture of a user – especially their head and neck.

So, if someone is in a bad posture, Grin Monitor Stand will change its position automatically so that users assumes the right posture.

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