Samsung Says Inward-Folding Foldables Are Better Than Outward-Folding Foldables

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As we have already discussed in our previous articles, there are quite a few foldable smartphones on their way from numerous smartphone brands – but Huawei foldable and Samsung foldable are the biggest names in foldables and now it appears that both brands are shaping up for a fold-off.

A bunch of provocative comments has already been made by Huawei regarding how it’s completely fine with audience copying its marvelously Huawei Mate X design and a matter of the fact that it tried an inward-folding smartphone and decided it’s better to make their way towards the outward-folding smartphone.

Well, Samsung has had its say – and expectedly its verdict is that Galaxy Fold design is the best. Samsung’s Executive VP for R&D Mr. Eui-Suk said to the Australian Financial Review, Samsung is testing conclusively showed that inward-folding foldables are much better as compared to outward.

samsung foldable phones
Image: gizmodo

He said that,

“We were genuinely interested in creating the best user experience. You open it like a book and close it like a book. It is far more natural than to do it in the opposite direction, so we have done it even if it presents the tougher technical challenge. Our goal is to achieve perfect closure, but the technology today does not allow you to fold a screen like 100% paper.”

“You can close the device when you go with an outfold, but the display is outside, which means that it is subject to every type of user mistake. You could get it wrong or call someone wrong. And the display is more susceptible to damage if you drop it”.

Though Samsung’s above explanation makes sense, Huawei has already said that it tried an inward-folding smartphone and discarded it as it wasn’t good enough. The Samsung Galaxy Fold develops a crease after folding around 10,000 times which isn’t really impressive news for those ready to leave a dent on their wallet for Galaxy Fold.

Everything aside for a short while, Samsung also said to be working on an outward-folding smartphone – therefore, it clearly doesn’t think those challenges are impossible.

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Inward foldable phones seem better over Huawei’s outward technology.

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