Samsung NU8000 LCD TV Review – HDR+ Mode and Marvelous Colors

Samsung NU8000 LCD TV - Review, Release Date, Price, Specifications - Australia

Not everyone really loves a quality-oriented TV – but so many of us like me and if it’s quite far out of reach financially, Samsung NU8000 in Australia is an ultimate and excellent mid-range screen which doesn’t break your banks. It’s a lot bright, vivid and colorful and loaded comprises stocked with the latest version of Samsung’s TV Operating System. A perfect TV for gaming and is capable of breathtaking HDR images. Isn’t it amazing?

It’s available in four different sizes – 55-inches UE55NU8000, 65-inches UE65NU8000, 75-inches UE75NU8000 and a whopping 82-inches UE82NU8000. Right in our Samsung NU8000 LCD TV Review, we are looking at 55-inches UE55NU8000 model.


Price and Availability

The official Samsung NU8000 LCD TV release date is somewhere back in 2018. It’s a mixer of curved and flat edge-lit LCD TVs along with 3K resolution and supporting for HDR10+ as well as New Smart TV and Auto Game Mode features.

Price-wise, it varies from model to model. The massive 82-inches model sets you back thousands of bucks whereas 55-inches model keeps your wallet save from a serious dent. The Samsung Nu8000 LCD TV Price ranges from AU$1199-5900.

Aside from these 4 models mentioned above, you can get your hands on 49-inches NU8000 after spending only 899-999 AUD. It’s absolutely enough if you are living in a small room – however, 55-inches perhaps the best option if you want more size of the screen without paying hundreds of extra bucks.


It’s boasting a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 Pixels and comes with HDR 10+ feature. Other Samsung NU8000 specifications include:

  • Display Size: 55-inches (3840 x 2160 Pixels)
  • Video Picture Engine: UHD Engine
  • HDR 10+: Yes
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • UHD Dimming
  • Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Dynamic Crystal Color
  • Dolby Digital Plus Audio
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Sound Output: 40W
  • Digital Broadcasting: DVB-T2CS2 x 2
  • Data Broadcasting: HbbTV 2.0.1/HbbTV
  • Direct Wi-Fi
  • ConnectShare (USB 2.0)
  • Eco Sensor: Yes
  • Dimensions: 1227.1 x 787.1 x 322.0 mm (Set Size with Stand)
  • Weight: 18.9 kg (Set Weight with Stand)

Features and Design

Though it’s affordable, having similarities in terms of design to dazzling Q range. Coming up with slim bezels and a nicer bar stand. From the outside, the screen isn’t impressive – but there are only a few millimeters of the Black bezel. Everyone loves curved back – just as Samsung does on an iMac, creating a sort of illusion where we can see the sides very thin.

With Samsung NU8000 LCD TV, you would get 2 remotes. It’s quite odd – but there is essentially an old-school one with almost endless buttons and a much more modern and minimalist option. The One Remote comes with a microphone for voice command and you can control several devices with ease.

Configuration and Interface

You are required to install “SmartThings” App (Samsung’s one-stop-shop for managing all its gadgets). However, you can skip that App and setup your NU8000 by following the instructions on-screen. Once you are done and running Tizen Interface looks smooth and is quite easy to use throughout. The Universal Guide gives you fast access to Apps and Content. Everything is smooth & silky and flawless due to its Quad-core processor.

With a help of “TVPlus”, you get so many 3rd party Apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and much more. Be noted that only a few can stream in 4K e.g. YouTube and Netflix.


Very much like Q7, Samsung NU8000 uses edge lighting. Samsung reserves backlighting for most exquisite and high-end Q9 and some Q8 models.

Well, the quality of an image isn’t as impressive as QLED models, it’s offering a remarkable image. And most importantly, you will still get Ultra HD resolution as well as HDR support.

The image is packed crisp and sharp details with excellent contrast for an LCD panel. You can watch any scene in Planet Earth II with now and you will be surprised at how amazingly everything is defined.

Maybe it’s not on a par with QLED – but for many people around, the differences wouldn’t be worth extra bucks.

The setting of NU8000 is overly sharp and as with Q7, you are better off dialing Sharpness down so everything will look more natural. The overall colors are fine too, in fact, colors are reasonably natural in the Standard mode – however, in Dynamic Mode, grass takes on an unrealistic glowing type.

Gamers will indeed appreciate the super-fast response of the set when enabling gaming mode to make any fast-paced games a joy to play.


Talking about sound, it’s amazingly good for a flat TV. There is 2.1 system which is capable enough of throwing out a lot of detailed and crystal-clear audio louder without significantly distorting. Obviously, it’s not as great as a soundbar, you won’t be offending your ears with this TV only.

The Final Word

This NU8000 is indeed an excellent 4K HDR TV with fully-baked features and exceptional performance specifications. It’s highly recommended in terms of quality and it’s one of the best 4K TVs available among other 2018 TVs. The reason is it lightly or impressively outperforms all similarly priced 2018 TVs from Sony, LG and other brands such as Samsung and even Vizio in most major specifications.

It lacks local lowering quality – more than compensated for by NU8000’s high-quality contrast ratios and black levels. Making a long story short, it offers marvelous value and no one would be disappointed after getting hands on one.

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