Samsung is Set to Launch a Foldable Smartphone in January 2019

Samsung Foldable Smartphones Technology

That would cost you one of your kidneys, Sir…

That is the only way we would be able to pay for smart-phones in the future.

With improved technology, high-quality cameras and advanced features come ridiculously high prices (as a bonus). Only recently, Apple revealed its new models  ( Apple iPhone XS, XS Max & XR ). All of which were so pricey that I’d rather do with my 6-year-old mobile than purchase a new one. Or a better scenario would be a very generous sale on Frontier Online Deals. While the chances of that happening are very low, one can just look towards some other company. Samsung seems as good a choice as Apple but you will be amazed to hear the expected price of the not-yet-launched foldable model by the company.

Here are all the rumors going around about the upcoming model:

Samsung Foldable Smartphones

It’s Gonna be Anything But Cheap

Dubbed as Galaxy X or Treble Eight, this foldable model by Samsung is rumored to be priced at $ 1,850. Well, that is what Kim Jang-Yeol (the head of research at Golden Bridge Investment) predicts. Woah! That is more than the monthly salary that many people get. Although the exact release date for this precious gem has not revealed, rumors have it that it will launch in January 2019 or a month later. However, according to another source the exact date will be revealed at the Samsung Developer Conference that will take place somewhere in November in San Francisco. Almost there!

Apart from the date of release, the conference will also unveil a conceptual design of the upcoming model. The minutest of details will be catered for and the attendees will be able to have a look into what exactly the new foldable handset will offer. And this might be the beginning of yet another series of phones by Samsung.

Oh well!

What’s the History?

Well, Samsung had been talking about launching a foldable mobile for a couple of years. But it seems as the idea will soon become a reality and people (ones who can afford it, of course) will be carrying wallet-like mobiles in their pockets. With the introduction of this foldable mobile in the market, Samsung hopes to beat Huawei and become the first company to launch it. With just a couple of months away from the launch, the fans are very curious and cannot wait to see what it will be like to own a foldable mobile.

Devil’s in the Details

Apart from the release date and the price, there are rumors regarding other features as well. Like the screen size. According to sources, the mobile will come with a 7-inch display. That is close to the screen size of smartphones that currently prevail in the market. Once folded, the users will be able to view the secondary screen on the outside. That screen will display information like notifications or time. So that one does not have to unfold the mobile every time to view the time or check a notification. Other details regarding the design, operations, and size include:

  • According to a couple of rumors, the mobile will be the size of a mini tablet once unfolded.
  • The foldability can translate into a more fragile mobile. When folded, the two screens will come into contact with each other. The company might have catered for the collision effect. But if not, it’s something to worry about because lack of protection on screen would mean they would break easily.
  • Foldable mobile could mean a thicker mobile. No matter how thin the two individual screens may be. But once one screen’s stacked on the other, the mobile will become bulkier than the usual smartphones available in the market. This would mean that the weight of the new device will be more than the usual weight of smartphones as well. Not sure how people will adjust to this feature. Or whether they will accept it at all.
  • Researchers and experts believe that the new model will have ‘0’ issues. Sounds too good to be true. Let’s hope for the best. ‘Fingers crossed.’
  • The foldable version would mean bidding farewell to the edge display- a rather recent feature added to the Samsung mobiles.
  • Only a limited amount of people might be able to claim a set when it first launches. A broader release of sets will happen somewhere later in the year. This tactic has always worked for Samsung. Let’s see if it works its magic this time around or not!

Any Other Specifications?

As of now, no one knows about the other specifications. But news has it that the company is aiming to cater the gamers with the release of this model. And if this rumor is true, then expect Samsung foldable model to come with very high specifications. Gamers need an uninterrupted Internet connection that Frontier High-Speed Internet very well offers. Apart from that, they need devices that can easily handle their game-related data.

As far as the name is concerned, according to some sources it will be named Samsung X while others bet on the name ‘Winner.’ Uh…  winner as a name for a mobile set? How do you feel about it?

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