Samsung Introduces Remote Access to Connect Device Through its Smart TVs


As we are ready to say goodbye to 2018 and head into a new year, every manufacturer is preparing to release new gadgets to entice audience worldwide. Interestingly or as expected, Samsung’s 2019’s smart TVs will enable users to browse their webs, access their smartphones, PCs and even edit their work documents with comfort while sitting in their rooms.

Samsung previewed another feature dubbed “Remote Access” which comes with both Company’s own Knox Security Framework and Remote Access software from VMWare.

Well, Samsung denied showing its specifications – however, disclosed that Remote Access will enable people to remotely access their devices such as smartphones, PCs, Laptops from TV.

samsung remote access tv

According to Samsung, in order to use Remote Access you wouldn’t rely on your TV remote control – instead, you will be able to work with a mouse, keyboard and other input devices.  These may come in handy when users access what Samsung imprecisely described as a “Web browser-based cloud office service” to access so many files and other things.

Hyogun Lee (Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Business) describes in his statement that,

“Samsung is committed to creating an intuitive and convenient user experience for consumers”.

“With Remote Access, consumers will be able to easily access various programs, apps and cloud services installed on multiple connected devices directly through their TV screen.”


Samsung is most likely to demo Remote Access at upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month in Las Vegas where it will launch its 2019’s TV line-up in earnest. According to “Variety” Samsung in 2019, will also include Google Assistant to its Smart TV as well as offer better Audio Quality powered by HomePod-like smart running features.

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