Samsung Gear S3 Review

The Luxurious Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 Review, Tech Specs, Problems & More

The best alternative to the Apple watch series is brilliantly launched smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 having the impressive battery life, great design and software. It has great battery life and due to this factor, most other smartwatches are failed in front of Samsung Gear S3, if you charge it fully 100%, it will last for 5 days (with the screen in timeout mode and no GPS usage). Let’s talk about the design.

Samsung Gear S3 Review – Techenguru

Design Review:

It is available in a couple of flavours –The Classic and the Frontier—and both look stunning. The Frontier review: it’s a real looker, smoky, gunmetal grey, with a strong rubber wristband, tough knurled buttons a notched bezel that rotates with a light clicking action. The Bezel is not used for timing purposes but it’s the part of fabric the way watch works.

If you spin, the watch face whirls to make way for different notifications and widget screens and it’s also used to scroll through items in lists and alter settings. It has a responsive touchscreen and by using the bezel whenever possible it leaves the screen free for reading. There are an altimeter or barometer and associated app which keep the tabs on your altitude and atmospheric pressure.

It has AMOLED panel with the resolution of 360 x 360 and topped with Corning’s wearable-specific scratch and shatter resistant Gorilla glass SR+. It’s comfortably readable, automatically dim’s in low-light conditions, so it won’t irritate you or anyone else. It’s fit in a larger 380 mAh battery than most of the other Smartwatches. It is compatible with the latest smartphones.It has storage of 4GB and 786 RAM, weight 59g and having the IP rating of IP68.It has a built-in speaker to go with the microphone


The problem that Samsung Gear S3 has that it’s a bit on the beefy site. The S3 Frontier measure 46 x 12.9 x 49mm and S3 classic is exactly the same size which makes it thicker than the other watches But those with wrists of a delicate urging may not find this watch as tempting as the Apple Watch available in both small and large sizes. It is also severe lack of applications. GPS tracking suspect.

This is all the stuff that S3 smartwatch runs as smoothly as you want.It responds instantly to touchscreen and clicks of the bezel.

The thing that is not good that it is not properly waterproof like the Apple watch Series 2 and the watch can only be submerged to a depth of 1.5m in freshwater for up to 30 minutes so you cannot take it for a swim.

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