Samsung Galaxy P30 – Company’s First On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor will launch in China

As we’ve mentioned in our previous content, Samsung is working on a smartphone “Galaxy S10” with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be announced at CES 2019 in January. Based on a report, Samsung will include an on-screen fingerprint scanner in a bunch of new devices before Galaxy S10.

Several online sources are indicating that Samsung would house an on-screen fingerprint scanner in upcoming Galaxy P30 and P30+ devices. And most important of all, both devices won’t leave a dent your wallet (Hooray!).

The Galaxy P30 will exclusively be available for Chinese audience with a model number SM-G6200. MMDDJ on Twitter has claimed that P30 and P30+ would be Samsung’s first handsets to carry an on-screen fingerprint scanner. The device will bear an LCD panel which sounds incompatible with an on-screen fingerprint scanner, right? Sources told TechenGuru, JDI is working on an on-screen fingerprint scanner which will work via an LCD also.

Samsung Galaxy p30

Samsung Galaxy P30 Launch Date

Rumours are suggesting that Samsung is in a hurry to release an on-screen fingerprint scanner smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 release date is only a few months away from now.

The Samsung Galaxy P30 release date in China will be somewhere in October. The exact date, however, is unknown for now. Not so long back, Motorola released its Moto P30 in China which looks a lot like an iPhone X.

What We Have Heard?

Just like Chinese smartphone brands, Samsung is reserving latest Technologies for its upcoming smartphone Galaxy S10. According to several rumours, Samsung Galaxy P30 will have a tri-camera configuration. Moreover, more refined Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint scanner. The SoC will be Snapdragon 855 which will be based on a 7 nan-meter Process.

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