Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Appears in “Midnight Black Color” in USA with a free Samsung TV on Best Buy

Note series by Samsung had always attained a high rated attention from people who like to use a highly advanced device. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USA made some high rated highlights due to the inclusion of some of the most amazing features supported by this amazing device.

Note 9 had gained caught the eye of people since the device is now available in a graceful “Midnight Black Color” that looks just amazing. Samsung had recently announced to bring a new and unique color to its Note 9 which is expected to add the factor of grace to the already incredible device.

samsung galaxy note 9 midnight Black Color

The new Midnight Black color is now available in US on “Best Buy”, however within a span of some days this color will be seen all across the United States and other parts of the world. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Australia will also be coming in a couple of days and is highly anticipated by the smartphone lovers in Australia.

This new Midnight Black color bags a light gray color S-pen which looks splendid with the black color of this device. It is also to be noted that the combination of Midnight black color body and a light grey color S-pen is said to give a more vintage look to the device as compared to other existing color models of Galaxy Note 9.

The version with Midnight Black color is exclusively available on Best Buy and if anyone buys the Galaxy Note 9 along with carrier package then he/she will be getting a free 32 inches of Samsung TV which are valued to be around $200. This deal makes a worthy and an entirely exclusive deal for people who are looking to but the Galaxy Note 9.

However, with the inclusion of a new Midnight Black color, now the Galaxy Note 9 is available in four colors; Purple(lavender), Ocean Blue, Silver Cloud, and Midnight Black.

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