Samsung Galaxy Flex (Foldable Smartphone) Will Set Users Back $2500

Samsung Foldable Smartphones Technology Pricing ( News )

Based on unconfirmed claims from a report by Gizmodo U.K., Samsung upcoming and foldable smartphone will not arrive worldwide and will set users back around $2500 – as costly as your kidney!

It’s been rumored that Samsung’s beast will only be available on shelves in the United Kingdom via a limited number of channels – that’s what Gizmodo UK says who has been verified as Samsung’s employees.  According to reports, the handset will be available to buy via Samsung’s official stores SIM-free and either SIM-free or on contract via EE (a carrier).

Well, if everything turns out to be true, Samsung’s plan for a foldable smartphone will be a lot more different as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S-Series and Note-Series which are offered worldwide by almost all major carriers.

It’s yet to be announced if Samsung launches its foldable beast in the United States like previous flagship smartphones.

Samsung foldable smartphones

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Price

It is also yet to be confirmed if instalment plans will be offered but it’s most likely that EE and Samsung will offer such a payment option due to the jaw-dropping price tag. The handset is expected to go for a whopping $1900-2500.

That too much price will definitely cover so many models of foldable smartphones with the most expensive one likely offering the maximum amount of RAM and onboard memory. The reported price even sounds more as compared to all previously rumored prices.

So far, the smartphone industry only ushered in the age of $1000 but Samsung has planned to push things further up and will sell the foldable smartphone for up to $2500. Mind-boggling?

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Name

The handset is said to be named either Galaxy F or Galaxy X or Galaxy Flex which was teased at Samsung Development Conference not so long back. The rest of the smartphone’s design and details was covered up as a secret.


According to Samsung, it’ll officially be announced at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February 2019 and will arrive on shelves somewhere in March 2019. Well, Samsung isn’t only a smartphone to launch a foldable smartphone as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, LG even Lenovo are ready to launch their foldable devices in next year.

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