Samsung to Launch 4X Fun – A New Mobile Device Under Samsung’s Galaxy Line

On Friday, September 14, Samsung sent out invitations for an October 11 event to launch a new Mobile Device. We saw that invitation on Samsung’s Global PR Site advises on an existence of A Galaxy Event. Though there’s no any suggestion as to what to expect. The specific event time and exact location are also unknown for now but Samsung will post details about it on its official website sooner.

We’ve gathered a bunch of clues for what the event will be about – even though limited in terms of what it could relate to. The invitation is filed under PR site’s “Mobile” Product category as well as is streamed via company’s Mobile-Specific press site. Hence it indicates something related to Samsung’s smartphone.

Galaxy 4x fun Event

Based on what we’ve heard about an invitation, upcoming device will bring “more ways to express yourself as compared to ever before”. And asks interested parties to “capture a fun” with both elements potentially pointing to something related to images. For example, a smartphone’s camera or a standalone camera.

Device name “4X Fun” perhaps relates to several different features in assorted devices – also making it hard to pin down. If you specifically consider it as an imaging device – chances are it would be a 4-times optical zoom in a camera.  A device with a high magnification which smartphones normally don’t achieve with no resorting to digital zooms. Another possibility is for Samsung to unveil a foldable smartphone.

CEO DJ Koh on September said,

Samsung will introduce several details about 4X Fun before 2018 is out. But at the time noted it was possibly going to be shown off during November’s Samsung Developers Conference.

Normally Samsung uses Galaxy branding for its devices including Galaxy Home smart speaker and tablets. And at one time for the Gear smartwatch line before its rebranding.

It’s also possible that 4X Fun will be another attempt at a camera. Samsung produced three cameras between 22012-2014 including mirror-less interchangeable lens camera “Galaxy NX” in 2013. The camera with all leveraging Android and smartphone Technology providing users features like smartphone and a familiar interface.

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