Samsung Foldable Smartphone to Launch on Shelves on February 20th

Just forget about Galaxy S10 which is getting hype more and more right now as Samsung has quite a few other interesting devices to reveal and it appears that Samsung will be treating us to one of these devices in the coming days.

Although we had thought that a device will come along with S10, Samsung has now confirmed all our doubts. Samsung released a teaser video of its first and foremost Foldable Smartphone on Twitter – indicating that it’s only days away from its official release.

The teaser video has a tagline “The future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019. Well, there is not really much to get from the teaser video but it’s clear that Samsung is telling us they have all set to reveal its foldable smartphone next week at its California event.

It was November 2018, when Samsung showcased its foldable handset first when it demoed a prototype device which converts from a tablet into a format. Well, Samsung always tried to hide that device and didn’t give a proper look. But, it seems we will actually learn about it and possibly even get our hands on February 20th.

What it’s Named?

We are still running out of words about what will be actually that foldable smartphone called. This is rumored to be named Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold. There is no official confirmation which of these given names Samsung will finally adopt.

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