Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review – Satisfactory Price with Exceptional Sound Quality

Roku TV Wireless Speakers - Availability, Pros & Cons & Features

The latest and greatest countermeasure against ruthless onboard TV speakers is Roku Wireless Speakers in Australia. Providing an exceptional sound with a help of 2 separate audio channels alongside some clever and advanced remote control options. Most important of all, your wallet won’t cry as it’s available at affordable rates even users running short on budget, can have one for their room/office.

Roku wireless speakers

Just dig down a little deep and you’ll see several well-made aggravations – bringing an entire experience down a notch. The only drawback is Roku TV Wireless Speakers are only compatible only with Roku OS TV in order to limit their audience.

Release Date and Price

The official Roku TV Wireless Speakers release date in Australia is somewhere back in July 2018 and started shipping late in October. It simply means the audience from all major cities such as Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne can get their hands on one with immediate effects.

Talking about Roku TV Wireless Speakers Price in Australia, initially retailed at AU$207 and the first week after they were announced, immediately retailed AU$276. Doesn’t that price tag gets you satisfactory sound for your Movies, TV Shows and Music?


These are as simple as their name suggests. Coming up in a Black color and measuring 7.6 x 49. X 4.9 inches each. However, they are a bit heavier – around 4.6 pounds apiece. The top of the side is covered by Roku Logo and on the bottom, on the other hand, is a power port. The speakers aren’t connected with each other physically which means you’ll need 2 separate wall-outlet plugs to power them.


One advantage Roku Wireless Speakers are offering is that the setup is almost foolproof. Simply, get a menu of any Roku TV – ask it to scan for them and you’re done as the rest of the processor will take place automatically. Well, not everything will be done automatically as you’ll have to tell TV which speaker is on the right and which one is placed on the left side of the TV. Once you’re done with the speakers’ setup, you can toy around with so many sound options including Speech Clarity, Night Mode, and Volume Leveling.

One thing strange you will notice while the audio setting is that without these speakers, a Roku TV will have access to a plethora of different equalization profiles, optimized for sports, games, movies and so forth. However, everything will suddenly be disappeared once you hook up Roku TV Wireless Speakers.


Performance of Roku Wireless Speakers is the area where they succeed in their sound quality. Though they’re not up to the standards of some highly expensive soundbars, they can produce rich bass, clear dialogue as well as pretty much anything else one would want from their movies and shows.

The area where they don’t deliver enough is that their Bluetooth connectivity. It’s too easy to set up and sounds good when it works but it amazingly cuts the first few seconds out of any song and loses more time when starting the song again after pausing.

Remote Control

These speakers are coming with 2 different remotes – a standard Roku voice remote and a strange little square named a touch remote. The remote is a small Black rectangle alongside navigation buttons and an onboard mic for voice search. Well, if you’re already familiar with Roku products, you would probably know what it does.

The touch remote, on the other hand, isn’t quite like anything. Designed in a small square with rounded edges. It doesn’t entirely control the Roku experience – instead of a music aspect. Contained with huge buttons for playing, pausing, fast-forwarding and rewinding. One can activate the mic for voice search as well.

Note: Aside from everything, you won’t get room-rattling bass or volume as it’s not equipped with subwoofers and only simple 2 speakers cannot reach that low-end growl on their own. Costlier soundbars and speakers – however, like Sonos Beam can easily top Roku here. Even your (maybe not really yours) Vizio soundbar puts out meatier bass.

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  • Connects to TV Wirelessly
  • Highly Affordable Price
  • Build-in Bluetooth
  • Incredibly Simple and Quick Setup
  • Exceptional Sound Quality


  • Only available on Roku Official website
  • Not Compatible with Other TVs
  • Lacks Subwoofer Capability
  • Both Speakers Require Own Power Outlet


These Roku Wireless speakers aren’t for you then if you don’t have one in your home – Roku TV is actually a TV which is powered by Roku’s own OS (operating system) produced by manufacturers ranging from Magnavox and Philips to Sharp and TCL. Just imagine you can use them with your TV as you have a Roku streaming device plugged in the back. Just think again that wouldn’t work – either. Just let it be and grab a Roku TV or these speakers aren’t for you.

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