Razer Phone 2 makes Appearance on Amazon – Wireless Charging Becomes the Center of Attention

Razer Phone 2 had made an entry through the medium of Amazon today, where smartphone lovers are going fanatical for the release of this Razer Phone 2. This smartphone is the sequel version of Razer Phone which was released last year. Razer Phone 2 in the US is anticipated to make good sales record as this smartphone provides some of the most amazing features.

Razer Phone 2

This time the Razer Phone 2 is coming with a Snapdragon 845 which will ensure the maximum running speed and multitasking in this amazing smartphone. Previously, the Razer Phone included Snapdragon 835 which was also good as compared to most of the other smartphones in the market such as the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 7.1 Plus.

As far as the design of this smartphone is concerned then Razer Phone 2 similar to its previous version, as changes had been made with respect to the design of this smartphone. The RAM capacity of this smartphone has also not changed and is same as compared to its 2017 version which had 8GB of RAM. But, as far as the Ram capacity of this smartphone is concerned then it was already enough for users, as a RAM capacity of about 8GB in considered being a good capacity of the users. The screen of Razer Phone 2 also seems to be same as this smartphone also bags 5.72 inches of LCD screen, just similar to its 2017 version but let’s just admit that it’s a good display anyhow. However, the market is full of smartphones that have a much larger display or a display of at least 6 inches.

The thing that has attained the maximum amount of attention in Razer Phone 2 is its wireless charging factor. This time the Razer Phone will give its users the opportunity to charge it through the means of wireless charging pods. Users are highly appreciating this move by Razer Phone as it provides the users with a great deal of convenience. On looking around in the market one can easily see a lot of latest smartphones coming with the exclusive feature of wireless charging as the trend of wireless charging is increasing day by day. Thus, with the adding to this element of new Razer Phone 2 is said to be a good move which will definitely give this smartphone an edge over amazing other smartphones.

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