PUBG Mobile Cheats & Hacks for Android & iPhone: Everything That Makes You Play Easier

PUBG cheats & hacks for android & ios

PUBG which is an abbreviation of “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground” is indeed the latest addiction of gamers worldwide. It’s a multi-player royale action online battle game which is currently the well-famous game to shoot and kill and experience a first person in a game. Keep scrolling down and find out all PUBG Mobile Cheats you are precisely looking for.

IF you are a player of PUBG and know it’s a perfect feeling to see on your screen “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” when you’re the last man to stand – or you’re looking for a way to do it. And while it’s good to win fair and square, it doesn’t hurt to know a few cheats to win. Well, winning fair and square is impressive – knowing a bunch of cheats to win doesn’t really hurt. What do you say?

Alarm: Before we dive straight into it, it’s quite important to know that PUBG is a secured online server game which can get you banned from playing while attempting to hack it.

Hacks and Cheats

PUBG mobile

1: PUBG Mobile Hack Aimbot

 As PUBG can be played online only and a server is cheat proof – numerous gamers are using a hacked version. In lingo code, you can easily modify the code and you can install this new altered code on your smartphone/PC or laptop.

pubg aimbot hack

What are the benefits?

Well, you cannot change your health, which means that the player’s health does not decrease and so no matter how much he gets shot or hurt, it never decreases. The benefit of that PUBG Mobile Cheats Code, however, is that the immortal man wins the chicken meal. The Invisible Shooter Hack is another frequently seen Mobile Hack. A player barely visible or invisible his graphics and plays a game. You become the invisible shooter when no one else can see you and shoot you.

Ammunition is another cheat. A player can always exhaust the value of ammunition to a higher number. Or the pistol-coil is switched off and shooting does not delay. APK (for Android Devices) or IPA for iPhone users is available to download mobile mods. They can be saved and installed in the file manager on the devices. Certain code settings may require you to have an Android or Jailbreak iPhone rooted device.

2: PUBG Mobile Aimbot (A Simple Hack)

You will aim for a mod or an application or just shoot with a button. This hack enables you to aim for the player automatically and has been modified to do more to target the player. On the client side (user side) the target and shooting Code is injected into the game.

PubG hacks

This code is available for most Android and iOS games in the form of increased target support. Targets are detectable through counter-cheat programs that host the game. This can lead to consequences once it has been reported. It is therefore important to carefully use aimbots because anti-cheat codes are becoming more complex. Tips to keep in mind include:

  • Don’t ever shoot the walls.
  • Maintain low accuracy. It’s also a problem if you get it all in the first shot.
  • Keep your profile low – limit your target speed and shooting speed and set a delay between the target and the shot.
  • Don’t just go for headshots. Aimbots detect graphical objects and construct a character model that detects components such as a head, torso etc. Thus, set a fewer headshots profile.
  • Be careful of killcams and let nobody see that you use Aimbot.

3: PUBG Mobile Wallhack

Wall Hack is ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). You can look through walls like an Aimbot, scan the map and search for objects in the game. These objects are highlighted on the screen so you don’t have to look for them explicitly.

PUBG wall hack

Kinds of Objects

You could find and shoot players in the game or just avoid them for the moment. Items such as cars, houses, trees that can run and find supplies in a house that can be plundered. The added advantage of Wall Hack is that you no longer have to scan the empty spaces and find supplies such as backpacks, rifles, armor or medicines to collect as you go. There are no direct PUBG Mobile Hacking Codes for a wall hack. A modified client game version available for download via an APK or iOS mod is required.

It is rare and difficult to find a PUBG wallhack, but since we receive only a few more perception, it still challenges the possibility of the game being banned from play. Wallhacks are therefore not as risky as Aimbots.

4: Battle Points

Another PUBG Mobile Cheats Codes Android includes PUBG’s Battle Points which are virtual input money, earned by the players on the basis of different wins. These points of battle must be exchanged for boxes with various suits.

PUBG Battle Points hack

Although the costumes do not directly help the player play or defend himself, they help players to hide in similar textured environments. When you can gain battle points by playing the game, 20 points each, and few more based on rankings and shots, it is always nice to know if you can multiply or gain them free by playing a trick or two.

There are many websites offering fighting spots when registering or placing an ad or two on their site. There are also several PUBG Mobile Cheats Money places, which charge for battle point’s generation. Those using simple hacks recommend that they use these sites to avoid a ban in a limited manner. They also ask you to share data that may not be safe for you and your system, as nothing is truly free, and malware and virus injection threaten to happen.

5: PUBG Mobile BP Hack (Simple BP Farming)

Battle points can easily be accomplished without doing anything (i.e. by taking AFK). A player can just pick a secure place on the map and lie down there with the hope of a while. The player accumulates the basic battle points plus additional points based on survival ranking by being idle and doing nothing.

PUBG Mobile BP Hack

Well, a PUBG producer himself addressed this matter as an’ idler problem,’ which could be used without being banned in fear. While it was less of a hack, but rather a trick to get battle points without really spending hours playing the game.

6: Battle Points Farming Bot

A large number of hackers have developed a bot with this simple AFK trick that will automatically pull battle points for you. Multiple versions and online codes are available (some of them discontinued). The basic idea is to write a code to randomly move the player at some point and get them to jump auto when the plane comes onto the map or swim underneath the water. This increases survival opportunities like AFK and thus acts like a bot.

Battle Points Farming Bot hack

7: PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

Last but not least PUBG Mobile Cheats Android includes PUBG Mobile Speed Hack as a little amount of speed can save us all.

The PUBG community has received many posts that players claim to have seen other players sunning faster than usual. A speed hack can do this by simply changing the code to increase the players’ speed. Well, this slight change in code can be detected by the anti-cheat, but you should try to increase the speed in a fraction so that you are not caught.

PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

The process is quite simple as all you have to do is to expose a PUBG code, change preset values to outbound packets, send packets more rapidly than usual, splash times to ensure long jumps and change chances. You should try out but don’t let PUBG’s servers catch you.

Important Note

PUBG developers have made clear that cheaters of any kind will not be tolerated. While above PUBG Easy to Play Codes look attractive, there are many genuinely unhappy players and hackers. There is a continuous attempt to stop the server, which is considered illegal to do so. There have been approximately 141 arrests for PUBG Hacking. So watch out and be fair to play.

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