OnePlus to Launch Latest OxygenOS Version with Improved Setup Menu and other Features

So many Challenges for OnePlus’ Product Manager come and gone – but it is now time to see how OnePlus’ future Android is going to look. As competition is all about presenting changes or features one would want to see in OxygenOS, Leandro Tijink presented a complete website which indicates updated OxygenOS with a new look and an improved UX.

OnePlus promised that it would implement the select features or change to a new version of OxygenOS in the context of the challenge so that you can actually see some of this new re-engineering in a future smartphone, which is also a part of the prize. It is almost a whole system from the setup menu to the system apps, according to Leandro Tijink.

Oneplus OxygenOS Version
Credit: Léandro Tijink

Leandro Tijink added,

“Android and Oxygen OS have come a long way, Android’s maturity and Oxygen OS identity have become more mature. With the introduction to many features, such as full control of the colours, games, reading, and gestures, etc., the last few years have been very exciting”.

“Now, I am looking to take things to the next level. The balance of features and design is one of the main aspects of a smartphone because we interact with a smartphone so times a day. I wanted to create a consistent, fluid and straightforward experience that would make the user feel in control while focusing on things that really matter”.

Improved Ambient Display

OnePlus Smartphones have a nice environmental display, without a doubt – but it is not really shiny. Therefore, in order to make it a little more better, Tijink made a few minor modifications. When lifting your handset, it’ll show the time, date and notifications and if you tap on the display, it’ll show the information linked with each notification. Your device will also wake up briefly, to show you a new notice and content, although nothing else like time or date will appear to you. Though it’s not really a big change – but it is the same as the rest of the design changes.

Lock Screen

Indeed, the redesigned system needs a redesigned or latest lock screen. Not only a better display, interestingly, but a lock screen has also been redesigned by Tijink as well which fits a design language of a system. With a plethora of rounded edges, a layout is more or less looks the same, though.

Enhanced Setup Menu

The current Setup menu of OxygenOS is quite simply stocking Android for certain tweaks for device-specific features, i.e. Face Lock. It’s not bad, though, but that’s what Tijink focused on first. Device setup has been reworked so that it is more welcoming, gives a glance to so many languages and has a better design. There is a blue header which has a tilt of what you’re configuring and the description is underneath it. The ability to set system-focus colours right from the start to personalize your smartphone experience is also included.

According to Tijink, a whole configuration processor purposes to look impressive whilst also being functional – it’s something that any smartphone brand can benefit from. What do you say?

OnePlus Launcher

The OnePlus Shelf is part of the company’s default launcher and you expect the Google Now feed to be on other smartphones. It contains a section for note-taking, widgets, recent applications and much more. Tijink thought that it would be much more efficient while looking even better than does currently. A black AMOLED mode, a more standard dark mode and a default light mode are available as well.

There are also many other aspects of the launcher which now is controlled by the currently activated launcher as of Android Pie 9.0. In conception art, it is not hugely different, but compatible with the rest of the system. The same applies to the drawer and the hidden drawer used for hiding applications.

Notes, Gallery, Messages and more

OnePlus has a large number of first-party applications on its smartphones which are pre-installed, and most are necessary. An SMS app is a cornerstone of every smartphone, obviously, while the majority of people need a note application. In addition, a gallery application is usually a requirement, and everybody needs a calculator from time to time. Afterward, OnePlus Community application for OnePlus forum participants and the OnePlus Switch application, which can use all your data to migrate from your old smartphone to a new one. Tijink has designed all of these applications to fit the style shown all over the system.

It’s the first and foremost rolled out news about OxygenOS. We are keeping an eye on it and will have that story updated alongside screenshots as soon as more details drop.

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