One Thing You Must Know Before Starting Your New Job As Manager

I have got promoted to the post of manager. It was a sudden as our branch manager left his job. He was overburdened according to him and it was hard to manage more branches single-handedly. At first, it was just an additional charge but I think my managing skill impressed the boss and he promoted me in a short time. I am going to share the secret trick that helped me a lot in this job. I think everyone should know about this technology. Particularly if you are going to start a new job as a manager or are already working in a field that needs monitoring and management. I was lucky enough to know about this technology before working as a manager so it was a great assistance. I remember I tried to convince my previous manager as well to use this technology but he was reluctant to try new things.

Mobile tacker for employee

Let us get the cat out of the bag am talking about the use of the android monitoring app and spy software for employee monitoring. It is one of the most smartest and efficient ways to manage work. I can vouch for the fact that the use of employee monitoring software lessens your work burden up to many folds. You can achieve many tasks remotely by using the spy apps and that saves time and energy. Among many apps, we are going to talk about one of the best the OgyMogy.

Remotely Monitor The Check-In Time:

Time is money and every employer want their employee to be punctual. OgyMogy helps you in that process as you can remotely monitor the check-in time of every employee. Use the location tracking feature of the OgyMogy and monitor the whereabouts of the employees in real-time. If you have a certain kind of job that needs you to manage employees of different branches then this feature can help you a lot.

Check The Call Log Data:

Work somewhere that needs frequent calls?. Well this feature is for all of you as OgyMogy offers a track call log feature. It lets the user track the incoming and outgoing call records of the target employee with time information as well. Spy on any suspicious call record and trace anyone who wastes time on useless long calls during the working hours.

Screen Monitoring:

Real-time screen monitoring can solve so many problems of any employer. Not only that it is a useful feature for employees as well. OgyMogy offer real-time screen monitoring to the user thus employer can watch the screen of any employee at any given time. Check the work progress and individual contribution of each team member in assigned tasks to ensure fair distribution of work among employees.

Track Any Bad Apple:

To provide a healthy and toxic-free work environment, it is the duty of the manager or the boss to keep a strict eye on the environment. You can track any bad apple by using the mic bug feature of the OgyMogy. It bugs the mic of the target android device, thus employers can now listen to every chat and discussion happening around the target android device.

Secure Confidential Data:

The security of confidential data is a must for any organization.OgyMogy takes care of the confidential data by timely reporting about any possible loophole. The keylogging feature records all the keystrokes applied on the target employee device. Any secret account along with password information can be revealed through these features. Keep track of all the secret accounts and correspondence through these accounts to know about sharing of confidential information with outsiders in any form.

Eliminate Time-Wasting Activities:

OgyMogy provides a list of features that can help to keep the employees attentive and focused with work only. The feature includes, social media monitoring features, Youtube screen monitoring, and track online browsing history.

The use of the mobile tracker app for employee monitoring or parental control can make your life less frustrating and easy. OgyMogy also offers parental control feature to keep eye on teenagers. It takes into account, the needs of every kind of user as it offers separate Mac and Windows spy app versions. Thus by using OgyMogy you can track every employee through their official android, desktop, and laptop devices

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