On-Screen Selfie Camera Smartphone Appears in the Wild

Just a month back, we started hearing rumors that Samsung is working on a smartphone in which it’s going to place a FaceTime sensor underneath the display. Not only this, a couple of days back, Huawei teased its own smartphone with an Infinity-O screen too – tucked into a cutout of the screen.

Today, we just got an image of a handset with an infinity-O screen in a hand of a person who is travelling in a subway China.

New Infinity o

Taking a closer look to an image, we can easily see that a FaceTime sensor is holding its position on the top left corner of the smartphone where notifications are appearing. The handset doesn’t house any kind of notch, but a pre-production body – planned by Samsung or Huawei to launch already. The front-facing camera is an eyesore, though.

Well, the handset in an image is in a bulky and thick case and that’s because we can only see a hole in a display – no other characteristics of a smartphone can be discerned. Everything aside for a short while, a person is listening to music via a pair of wired earphones which is the handset is having a standard 3.5mm audio port. And that’s all we know so far.

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