MediaTek Launches 5G Chipset – Will Arrive Late Next Year

A Chipmaker “MediaTek” is now reportedly working on a first 5G modem “Helio M70” which is expected to be integrated into devices in the first half of 2018, said by Company’s CEO. MediaTek is also working on an integrated 5G Chipset which will be inside the smartphones near the end of 2019. It means devices with it would land in 2020.

Qualcom 5G

The Helio M70 isn’t a part of a Chipset, it’s a standalone modem, instead. It definitely works great for MediaTek’s ambitions to give users as good experience as Apple’s iPhones do.

MediaTek’s top executive said,

“We will continue to keep the focus on the mid-tier market for 5G, and is committed to offering enhanced design experience”.

MediaTek Director – Technology Mohamed Elsaidny said,

“MediaTek is heavily investing in 5G development. We expect devices aligned with 3.5 GHz range to come by 2019”.

A 5G modem is integrated into Chipset which is indeed preferable as it doesn’t leave a solid dent on a wallet when it comes to buying. The Apple, on the other hand, can afford an extra money whereas other smartphone brands operate on thin margins so any cost saving is welcome.

MediaTek is ready to shift its R&D budget towards to develop 5G Technology, it’s waiting on a right moment as MediaTek is currently in a transitional period. Doesn’t invest in 5G will exceed 4G?

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