LG V40 ThinQ Release Date, Pre-orders and Price – How Much Does it Cost?

A couple of weeks back, LG announced V40 ThinQ. The latest flagship smartphone falls under LG’s revised mobile strategy and it’s a direct sequel to last year’s V30.

The smartphone will be available for the audience in the US from October 18 which means it’s right around the corner. Here is what you can expect to pay from each carrier and retailer in the United States.

LG v40 ThinQ


You’ll see a “Next” plan on AT&T through which you’ll get a monthly cost for V40 ThinQ Down to $31.67/month. That’s spread around 30 months instead of the typical 24-month payment plan. The actual LG V40 ThinQ Price is $950.


America’s cheapest carrier coming with LG V40 ThinQ which costs only $920. So, one can get it at $30/month payment plan with $200 down. Though so many of you have T-Mobile’s jump.


Another America’s carrier is listing V40 ThinQ for $960 or an even $40/month payment plan over 24 months. This carrier of America seems to push you toward a lease deal which, though, it’s advertising as $20/month for 18 months. Be mindful, you’ll be obligated to return a handset and upgrade at the end of the term.

US Cellular

We’re skipping Verizon as it’s having the highest price tag on LG V40 ThinQ – coming in at a smooth $980. However, US Cellular as it usually does, coming with an absolute cheapest offer. The LG V40 ThinQ via US Cellular will set users back only $900.

If you’re going to pre-order, you’ll get a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal alongside 256GB microSD card. This package has a retail value of $258, $139 + $119 separately. However, in any case, you miss the pre-order window, you’ll still be eligible for a microSD card.

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