LG Stylo 6 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

LG is one of the top smartphone manufacturers; as per routine, recently, LG released a new smartphone which is LG STYLO 6. As far as its price is concerned, it offers better features in its price range and shows a good performance.

When many users start reporting issues, the device performance is almost up to the uses of its users. We worked on it, and today we appear here with those issues and their possible solutions.

If you are also an LG Stylo 6 user and countering issues and thinking that you have got yourself into hot water, or thinking of buying this phone, then this article is specially written for you. So, be with us till the end of the article.

Let’s break the ice and discuss in detail its bugs and fixies, let’s have a look one by one;

1.   LG Stylo 6 Screen not working

The LG Stylo 6’s malfunctioning screen is one of the major issues you may encounter while using this device. The display is, as is common knowledge, the most important component of a smartphone. Consequently, a damaged screen might be a big issue.

It is one of the most frustrating issues that might arise while using a new gadget.

Fix Screen Issues on LG Stylo 6

There are several reasons why the LG Stylo 6 might be malfunctioning. You should first attempt to reset your phone. Try the following solutions if it does not work most of the time:

A dirty screen

It is the leading cause of poor screen efficiency. The presence of dirt, dust, oil, gasoline, or liquid on a screen causes it to become dirty.

If your screen is dirty, you may wipe it clean using a gentle cloth. Alcohol may harm the oleophobic layer of the screen; hence alcohol should not be used to clean the screen.

Screen Protector

Over time, screen protectors deteriorate, making it difficult for your phone to detect touches. Take the screen protector and replace it with a fresh one.

Power savings Mode

Determine if the phone’s power-saving mode is activated. Power Saving Mode works by reducing the device’s performance.

Usually, this mode is deactivated when the LG Stylo 6’s battery charge reaches 15% or above.

Water Damage

Sometimes water finds its way through the screen and into the inside. Occasionally it is apparent, and other times it is not.

If you believe your phone has water damage, immediately switch it off and place it in rice. If you power on your phone when it contains water, elements such as the motherboard may be destroyed. You will need to replace the complete motherboard.

Leave it within rice for at least 24 hours. If it continues to malfunction, the best course of action is to take it to an authorized service facility for repair.

Damaged Display

A broken display is one of the reasons for a nonresponsive display. The top layer of a smartphone screen is glass, the second layer is the screen, and the third layer is the touchscreen device.

Remove the case, if present, and check the phone attentively for cracks, dents, and discoloration. Cracks are simpler to detect in direct sunlight. Do not worry if you see a rectangular grid. The touchscreen digitizer is anticipated to be present.

If you see fractures, dents, or discoloration on the screen of your phone, it has suffered physical damage. In most cases, the display must be replaced.

2.   LG Stylo 6 signal Issue

If your LG Stylo 6 is having trouble connecting to a mobile network, read on. Also, if the mobile data network isn’t operating on your phone, or if you experience network fluctuations on your phone, then you should attempt the following procedures.


  • Remove the SIM card from your LG Stylo 6 and reinsert it.
  • Activate the airplane mode for 30 seconds, then switch it back off after a few seconds.
  • Reset your wireless network settings.
  • Keep an eye out for a repair by restarting your LG Stylo 6.

3.   LG Stylo 6’s Slow Charging problem

Charging your LG Stylo 6 slowly? Several variables, including the Charger, USB Cable, Overheating, and others, might be to blame.

Fix LG Stylo 6 charging issues

Fix the Charging issues of LG Stylo 6 by observing the following:

Improper Charger

Ensure that you are using a charger that is suitable for your phone. For instance, the phone may occasionally charge faster using a Fast Charger than with the included charger.

Frequently, fast-charging only works with the manufacturer’s own charger.

Unsuitable Connection

What if you’re using a charger made by the manufacturer, but it’s not charging the device at High Speed? or It used to charge at great rates, but now it charges at a slower rate?

Well, both of these difficulties may result from an improper connection. First, confirm that the charger is properly inserted into the wall outlet and that the USB connection connecting the charger to the phone is properly attached (All the way) and not loose.

Typically, for your phone to identify that it is connected to a fast charger, it requires a connection to all four USB connectors. If it does not touch all four, it will charge at a slower rate.

Dust in the phone’s charging port

It is typical for the dust to build within the phone’s charging port, preventing the device from being charged quickly.

As stated before, for rapid charging, your phone must be connected to all four contacts of the USB cable. Occasionally, dirt in the phone, charger, or USB Cable might prevent this from occurring.

You may clean it yourself, but be careful to use anything non-conductive, such as a toothpick.

Broken USB Cable

Cable is one of the most abused components. The cables of Earpieces, Headphones, and USB Cables are subjected to considerable twisting, squeezing, and agitation.

Therefore, if you have sluggish charging issues with your LG Stylo 6, the USB cable may be faulty. Wires in USB Cables frequently break, although the damage is not evident due to the USB Cable’s jacket.

Use a different cable that you own. Additionally, you may borrow buddies. If the charge succeeds, presto, you’ve identified the offender. Purchase a new suitable USB cable for the charger.

Fault Charger

The charger either works or does not; therefore, delayed charging owing to a half-dead charger is doubtful. However, everything is possible with technology. I include this hence. Try a different charger to determine whether the problem has been resolved.

4.   LG Stylo 6 error messages

Have trouble sending or receiving text messages on your LG Stylo 6? Follow the procedures below if you are unable to send texts and receive an error message notification on your LG Stylo 6 smartphone.


  • Verify that your phone has adequate SMS credit to send messages.
  • Delete outdated messages and see whether this addresses the problem.
  • Clear the cache and data of the LG Stylo 6 messaging app. Now, try sending the message.
  • Restarting your phone may resolve this issue.
  • Toggle the Airplane/Flight mode ON and OFF to see whether this resolves the issue.
  • Open the contact app and confirm that the recipient of the message is not blacklisted.
  • Contact your network service provider to see whether the problem is on their end.

5.   LG Stylo 6 Slow and sluggish interface

Stylo 6 is facing some slow and sluggish interface apps will open slowly, frozen screen, and your device will hang again and again. This issue usually happens with older phones, but due to some technical issues, you may have to face this on the new device.

Are you also feeling this issue in your STYLO 6? If yes! then stop worrying, because we have found all its possible solutions and we assure you that at least one of the following tricks will sort out the issue.


  • First of all, make sure that you are not using any antivirus or junk cleaning app on your device; if you are using it, then quickly uninstall it.
  • There may be one more thing that makes your phone slow; probably, your device is run out of storage and almost reached an end, then the slowing of the device is an indication of that ending space. Simply uninstall useless data, files, and apps you don’t use, and clear the junk or cache of every app.
  • If you want to keep excess data on mobile, then make sure to use of Fast class micro SD card.
  • There may be one more fact that you may be using custom themes on your phone, which makes the device slow.
  • Try to use lite version applications like YouTube lite, Facebook lite, Twitter Lite ETC.
  • Keep your phone always updated to the latest version of the OS.
  • Update all the apps regularly.
  • After applying the above steps, if the issue still exists, then don’t hesitate to do a hard factory reset, and don’t forget to enable data backup.

6.   Lg stylo 6 Phone call issue

You may follow the steps below to repair LG Stylo 6 cannot make or receive phone calls.


  • After 10 seconds, remove the SIM card from your phone and reinsert it.
  • Determine whether the Airplane mode was accidentally activated. Ensure that it is disabled.
  • Open Network Settings and reset to factory settings. Verify that the issue is resolved.
  • Restart your device once. Test and verify.
  • You may have blocked the number you are attempting to dial. Remove the contact from the block list if it is present.
  • One of the most typical causes of this issue is that the network selection mode is set to manual. Change it to Automatic and see whether this resolves the issue.
  • If possible, upgrade the software on your phone to the most recent version.
  • Ensure that your phone has enough credit to make a call.

The verdict

LG has been making high-end smartphone devices for decades, no one can neglect LG as the top smartphone brand, but some issues can also be caused by the user end. The overall performance of LG STYLO 6 is best in its way, and this issue may be induced by natural human resources, but it doesn’t mean that LG is not good.

Here in this article, we have summed up a few LG Stylo 6 issues and how to fix them, but still, if you have any other issue which is not written above, then you must report us. We will guide you properly about that because we are keen to hear from you; thanks for being with us till the end of the article.

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