Leica Q2 Review

A High-Resolution Compact Digital Camera with 47.3MP Sensor

The newly released Leica Q2 in Australia is a full-frame camera with a fixed lens – housing a whopping and quality-oriented 47.3MP sensor and a vivid and sharp soothed 28mm F1.7 Summilux lens. The Leica Q2 comes with an outdated traditional Leica M rangefinder as well as replaces a massively famous original Leica Q camera which was released back in 2015.

The Leica Q2 looks a lot like its predecessor but comes with magnificent improvements such as an addition of strong and long-lasting battery life, weather-sealing, and better and electronic viewfinder. Total resolution of the sensor has also almost doubled.

Leica Q2

Leica Q2 Release Date

The official Leica Q2 release date in Australia was March 7th, 2019. It’s now available on all major stores across Australia and Aussies from every corner of Australia i.e. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Path and Adelaide can get their hands on one with immediate effects.

Leica Q2 Price

The Leica Q2 Price in Australia ranges from AU$6999-7999. Prices may vary based on which online store or retailer you choose to buy from. The leather cases range in Tan, Black or Red, will arrive somewhere in Q2 2019. Other bespoke accessories include an optional handgrip or thumb rest.

Leica Q2 Specs

  • Improved and Massive Battery Life
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Options
  • IP52 Rated Dust and Water Resistant
  • Magnesium-Alloy Body
  • E-Shutter Up to 1/40000 Sec
  • Leaf Shutter Up to 1/2000 Sec
  • Built-in ISO Range of 50-50000
  • 4K Video Recording Capability (4096 x 2160 Pixels)
  • 3-inches Fixed Touchscreen LCD with 1.04 Million Dots
  • 3MP Full-Frame Sensor
  • 28mm F1.7 Summilux Soothed Lens
  • Fast Autofocus and Smoothly Restrained Manual Focus Ring

Improved Ergonomics

As mentioned above, it’s quite identical to original Leica Q – however, there are some differences as regards a newer iteration when it comes to ergonomics – for instance, it’s backed by a Thumb on a backplate which gives a lot more comfort when holding in a hand. Out front, there is a rough patterned surface which gives firmer grip.

Leica Q2 Camera

The Leica Q2 indeed holds a heft in a hand everyone would expect from a Leica – with an encouragingly gorgeous and solid feel – yet being prohibitively weighty that is. The official list of specifications indicates that it’s weighing 718 grams alongside battery loaded.

Impressive Design

The overall Leica Q2’s simple smoothness is maintained by a dioptric adjustment control – positioned near an eye level Viewfinder is of a pop-out – push-in variety. The same goes for the camera base battery compartment when you click a battery lever and push it into to enable it to pop far enough to get back if you want to. The lock on a camera base that is covered by the SD card slot is a tool and flip-up that cleverly allows fingertips to come closer to the edge of the card and to pop it out.  It’s being recommended to use UHS-II standard SD cards when using a camera – partly due to the large file sizes which full frame sensor certainly delivers.

Leica Q2 australia

Electronic Viewfinder

The electronic viewfinder with 4:3 image ratio in Leica Q2, is also equipped with an Eye Sensor that offers a handy 100% frame coverage – thus you can switch between the bigger monitor and the eye level screen for your composition or take your attention away from it without having to think a second way. Leica says, the EVF on the Q2 is a new one – an OLED screen instead of an LCD – with a little amount of difference in design, but these two cameras still need to be tested together to determine the exact difference between them. It’s no surprise that Leica is a traditionalist and the 3-inch LCD screen is firmly fixed, rather than providing the flexibility to tilt and swivel as needed.

Leica Q2 DIgital Camera

20fps Burst Shooting

With regard to continuously shoot on a Leica Q2, a respectable 10fps can be captured whereby the mechanical shutter of the camera is used or things can crank up to 20fps through an electronic shutter. The high-resolution camera touch screen is a further improvement over an old simple Leica Q, as is the new increase in light sensitivity from ISO50 to ISO50000. The camera had previously begun at ISO100. Interestingly, the stabilization of the image here in Leica Q2 is optical.

Weather Resistant

A splash with well-heeled shots is made by the latest 47.3-megapixel full-frame Q2 Leica camera – because its magnesium structure is waterproof and dust resistant. The previous and original Leica Q with 24MP from back in 2015 wasn’t, unfortunately.

Battery Life

2015’s Leica Q wasn’t even Bluetooth enabled whereas Leica’s impressive and latest Q2 houses a Bluetooth feature. This camera also holds an SL series Lithium Ion battery (a BP SC14). The physically larger battery – partly offering a more reputable 350 images from a full charge as compares to its (270 shots) predecessor.

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Review overview

Design 7
Value for Money6.5

The Pros

  • HD Full-frame Image Sensor
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Optical Stabilization, WiFi and 4K Videos

The Cons

  • A Little Expensive
  • There is No Flash
  • Doesn’t Track Subjects at High Burst Rate


7Without a doubt, Leica Q2 is one of the best and most innovative cameras, but yes it is costly. Nevertheless, Q2 is the perfect option in luxury cameras. It is also at home as a completely manual street camera, or as a point-and-shoot automatic. And boy delivers that sensor of 47 megapixels! Taking a look at captured images, you will see a plenty of detail in them to delve into. You no need to wait any longer to get your hands on when you have the money as it is available worldwide.

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