Instagram Changed to Horizontal Scrolling and Sparks Freak-Out

Facebook’s Instagram has now implemented what it thought was a small test of a new feature (tap-to-advance) – enable users to scroll through posts horizontally instead of vertically. Doesn’t sound good?

This newly announced feature has been targeted at so many users even as compared to expected, getting tapped from an immediate out of mind between social network leaders and Instagram users to speedily remove the test plug.

Head of Instagram posted by Facebook Mr. Adam Mosseri explains

“This horizontal scrolling function was allegedly a quite small test which went way longer by chance. It should now be solved. However, if you still see it, restart your app. Happy Holidays”.

That’s what he responds to users on Twitter on Thursday (US Time).

Mr. Adam Mosseri Further Says,

“He went a few orders of magnitude more than expected. And I am sorry for the confusion as always trying new ideas with a much smaller number of people”.

The Instagram Representative Said,

“Due to a bug, a plethora of users have seen a change their feed appears today. We quickly solved that problem and the feed is back to normal now”.

The users, on the other hand, said that this new function is a step backward Vertical orientation which makes it harder to see updates and slowing down the ability to see posts properly.

Making a long story short, Instagram very much like other well-known apps, suffered a backlash in making design changes.

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