Huawei and Oppo – The Fastest Growing Smartphone Brands in Australia

After nailing in their homeland, India and so many other countries, Huawei and Oppo now have started holding their positions in the hearts of Aussies. Perhaps you won’t be really surprised after hearing a success of Huawei and Oppo in Australia in recent times. But, according to the latest research from Roy Morgan, both Chinese smartphone brands “Huawei” and Oppo” are the fastest growing brands in the Australian markets.

oppo & Huawei the best companies in 2018

It won’t be wrong if we say that Huawei’s P20 Pro and Oppo’s Find X – so far, are the most gorgeous smartphones Australian audience has ever shown their love toward.

Based on a research, Australian audience has owned Huawei’s smartphones from 87% to 471.000 up from the last 12 months period of 251.000. That means an extra 220.000 Huawei’s customers between 2016 and 2018 alone.

The Oppo, on the other hand, holding a position in the Australian markets for over four years and interestingly, grown speedily in order to become Australia’s 7th most widely used smartphone brand with around 368.000 Aussies now have smartphones manufactured by Oppo.

No matter both Chinese smartphone brands are the fastest growing brands in Australia, these are still behind giants like Samsung and Apple.

Roy Morgan in its report further says Apple’s iPhone devices are the most widely held and owned handsets all over Australia with more than 8.6 million people of Australia right now owning an iPhone.

Aside from everything, Samsung’s attention-grabbing smartphones are used by approx. 5.6 million Aussies in 2018 and it’s remained virtually unchanged since the last period. Chances are it would remain the same due to the growing number of Huawei and Oppo devices in the Australian markets.

Mobile Companies growth rate

“The Chinese smartphone brand Huawei has been in the news for all sorts of reasons in the past couple of weeks and months. However, the overall performance of Huawei in a competitive Australian smartphone market reveals Huawei alongside rival Chinese brand “Oppo”, is making significant inroads”.

“The recent controversies surrounding Huawei, which is also a significant manufacturer of important network infrastructure, are a concern for the company as it seeks to continue its strong growth in the Australian mobile phone handset market”.

Let’s finish this off by saying, both Huawei and Oppo brands are launching smartphones with the latest and greatest technology and innovation every single day but are it enough for Aussies to switch from Apple and Samsung? What do you think about it being an Australian?

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