How to Make a Video Conference Call on WhatsApp Which Makes Fun with Your Partners

WhatsApp has always made good to the people according to their needs or desires. It is probably the busiest app in the world and also used by the almost every single person worldwide. No one is out there seems to unaware about WhatsApp as it offers a bunch of exquisite features that inspires everyone. So most audiences have installed WhatsApp and having the rest of their desires coming true.

whatsapp conference video call

WhatsApp had many features which are convenient as well as enjoyable. A few years ago, WhatsApp was only designed to chat with your nearest and dearest which didn’t make it a lot famous to discuss about. But with a passage of time, the company made several changes in order to make smartphone incomplete without WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is now being upgraded on an almost daily basis that’s why getting a lot of users’ attention as compared to the several past years. Recently, WhatsApp has made the newest invention in their App, enabling users to stay connected with their family and friends by making a video and audio group call. Is that true? Yes, it sounds strange, but it’s true. WhatsApp has always made your way easy to your loved ones and has finished distances from them.

Most important of all, WhatsApp offers this feature for both iPhone users and Android users.

How you can make the group call to your friends or loved ones:

  • First and foremost, you have to go to update your WhatsApp in order to get this feature.
  • Now start calling the person you want to talk to.
  • If you want to share your gossips with more than one friends and want to make them part of your conversation click on add participant on the right side of your screen on the top.
  • And add those ones you want to have the group video chat with.
  • Hope you will enjoy the latest version of what’s app.

Did we help you? Or is there anything we forgot to mention and know about? What is it? Let us know down in the comments.

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