How To Get GarageBand on Windows

The GarageBand, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the notable and quite a famous music composing apps which is used to create Music and Podcasts on Apple devices such as iPhones and Macs. The app doesn’t only helps you create music, one can Learn Music as well. Available for free in the app store and absolutely free of cost to download in your device. Though GarageBand isn’t available officially for those using Pc’s or Windows, yet one can download with a help of Bluestack (a kind of software for downloading GarageBand conveniently for Windows).

What Does GarageBand Do?

The GarageBand is backed by all capabilities and powers to change your device entirely and lets you explore so many types of music with ease. The music includes live loops which enable you to remix music or create the latest one. Moreover, a user can also experience music which isn’t even possible with real instruments. That sounds lovely, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the live loops aren’t free as only a user can get who has a Premium Version of GarageBand. And if you’re a huge fan of latest and remix music, you probably won’t mind spending a bunch of bucks.

GarageBand on Windows 10

GarageBand Features

GarageBand has plentiful and amazing features we’ve listed down. Just check them out all and get to know more benefits and knowledge of using GarageBand app.

  • GarageBand lets users explore several types of music e.g. live loops as well as latest music and remix music such as DJ.
  • Backed by a gorgeous and eye-catching user interface which is compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Mac.
  • Users can also experience that kind of music which are impossible to create with a real instrument, as mentioned above.
  • Hence enjoy creating and composing music.

Get GarageBand for Windows

  • Search out Bluestack software by visiting an authentic website and start downloading it.
  • Most of the times, downloading takes a while, so it’s better to wait until software downloading gets completed successfully.
  • Once you’ve downloaded it, install it into your device.
  • Open up Bluestack and type GarageBand for Windows in a search bar and press enter.
  • Click on the latest version and start downloading.
  • Wait a couple of minutes and then install it in windows and save it.
  • Thus you can open GarageBand and enjoy exploring to the latest music.

Alternatives to GarageBand

If you’re not comfortable downloading Bluestack and looking for some alternatives, you’ll have so many options to go for. And most important of all, these are just as good as GarageBand. We’ve compiled a list of best alternatives to Apple’s music production software (GarageBand) you can run on your windows or PC. So, let’s get it on.


Bluestack aside for a short while, how about giving a try to LMMS? It’s an open-source music production software – backed by a multitude of built-in instruments and a wide range of samples. A volunteer development team is running LMMS and they’re committed to providing an open-source music production site. It’s indeed a flexible software to create and compose music within a matter of a few minutes.

Perhaps it’s not as good as GarageBand, but it comes with all the features one can use free of cost. An extensive amount of pre-loaded samples and a good variety of software instruments lets you create and compose music the way they want.

2: FL Studio

Another alternative of GarageBand is FL Studio which might have been an inspiration behind the creation of LMMS. The FL Studio provides you with almost everything that you need. Chances are developers have copied an interface from FL Studio as it’s providing you the most user-friendly interface which simplifies the complicated things.

You won’t find proper documentation in LMMS and will face minor bugs but FL Studio offers you flawless and seamless interface. You’ll fall in love with FL Studio whether you’re an expert or a beginner. Wait! There is a major drawback, it’s not free of cost and one would be needed to spend around $90 to use a fruity edition.

3: Music Maker Jam

On number 3rd, we’ve put Music Maker Jam which is an app you can download from the Windows App Store. Even users of iOS and Android can also be a part of Music Maker Jam. Select the loops by genre before you transfer them into an arrangement to create a beautiful song. Both volume levels and BPM can be pinched on a fly and FC applies as you see fit.

The Music Maker Jam is more a fun way to share your created music with your nearest and dearest thanks to its unique features. The Music Maker Jam also has the ability to record vocal tracks over quickly built loops. Doesn’t it making perfect for singers?

4: Reaper

Spend only $60 (less as compared to FL Studio) and you will have a simplified and highly-customizable user-interface. You won’t need plenteous system resources and is equipped with exquisite features alongside a good recording functionality.

You will also find more than 300 plugins to create enchanting music and if you love chopping sounds and throw them around on a plethora of tracks, go for Reaper.

Wrapping Up

Did we help you how to get GarageBand on Pc windows? Let us know down in the comments and if you’re having a problem downloading Bluestack, don’t say “NO” to the alternatives we’ve mentioned above. Be noted, this method can be used for all windows versions.

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