How to fix if iPhone Battery Draining so Fast?

Why do iPhone batteries seem to die so Quickly? Some Quick Fixes

Apple’s flagship product keeps users connected and entertained, but unfortunately, it does have some downsides. One of the biggest problems iPhone users have is that their batteries don’t last very long. Most people take their devices with them wherever they go, so a battery bar that keeps going down can be frustrating.

With the release of a new feature, Apple has attempted to give more information about a device’s battery life. To be honest, there isn’t much you can change in the settings to assist you in getting longer battery life.

Despite common assumptions, the majority of iPhone battery difficulties are caused by software problems. Faulty batteries are the cause of a very tiny proportion of all cases. Apple has built the battery to be both robust and safe. Apps that have been downloaded are the key issue. iPhone batteries die quickly because of how these apps work and numerous settings.

As it turns out, there are a variety of methods by that people may extend the life of their devices’ batteries. These easy changes may help extend the device’s battery life by reducing the amount of energy it uses. This Guide covers the most prevalent reasons why iPhone batteries die out so rapidly, as well as proven solutions for improving the situation.

Push Mail

Pushing your mail implies that your iPhone always has a connection to your email server so that the server may push the mail to your iPhone as soon as it is received. This can cause battery drainage fast.

Fixing Push Email

You can switch your iPhone from push to fetch in order to address this issue. Set your iPhone to check for new mail every 15 minutes instead of constantly checking for messages to preserve battery life. When you launch the Mail app on your iPhone, it will automatically check for fresh mail.

You can go to Settings in the mail and open an account to disable the pus screen feature. Select Every 15 Minutes under Fetch from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. It’s feasible to modify each email account’s setting to Fetch.

When it comes to your iPhone’s battery life, most people think that waiting a few minutes to get an email is well worth the wait.

Over-Usage of Phone

In addition, the phone’s battery life may have nothing to do with it. People misuse their iPhones, which results in poor battery life. Using your phone for long periods of time with many apps open may cause the battery to degrade, especially if you’ve enabled your mobile data, location services, Bluetooth devices, or any of the like.

The battery will degrade quickly if it is overused, which is an issue. Use your gadget in a smarter way. Don’t connect to too many Bluetooth devices at the same time, turn off location data, and so on. The battery life of your phone will be prolonged as a result of this action.

Poor battery life is the worst thing that can happen to you. This is a prevalent issue that doesn’t seem to have a solution for iPhone users. However, you may avoid or remedy this problem if you know why the iPhone battery dies so quickly. Fortunately, the batteries in today’s iPhones are much superior to those of previous models. So, this problem may be a thing of the past in a few years.

Constant Notifications

Although useful, notifications consume the battery of an iPhone in a matter of minutes. Push notifications may usually be enabled in the majority of apps.

The quantity of alerts a user receives and the permissions granted to applications they don’t use should be taken into consideration. The phone’s resources are continually being pushed while many applications are active. Text and phone calls, for example, are essential notifications, but enabling new features should be done carefully.

Limit the Apps that Send notifications

It’s simple to find out which applications provide alerts through push and in what format. The “Notifications” portion of the settings menu has this information. There is an “On” or “Off” sign next to each of the user’s programs in this section. Select the alerts you don’t want to receive from this list by scrolling down.

Enabling a notification switch is as simple as clicking on an app. By flipping a switch, users may disable all notifications for that particular app, or they can choose the kind of notice they wish to receive if that option is still selected. Badges, windows, and banners are all examples of notifications. As any form of notification drains the battery, these settings are mostly for personal taste alone.

Turn Off The Widgets You Don’t Use

For quick and convenient access to the most recent information from your favorite applications, Widgets run in the background of your iPhone. Turning off widgets you don’t use will save you a lot of battery life over time. Turning them completely off if you never use them is OK.

Press and hold on to a widget you wish to get rid of, then choose Remove Widget -> Remove on your iPhone running iOS 14 or later.

 If you’re using an iPhone running iOS 13 or earlier, scroll left to right from the Home screen until you see widgets. In order to discover which widgets you may add or delete on your iPhone, scroll down and touch the Edit button. Tap the red minus button to the left of a widget to delete it.

Hardware Issues

It’s not impossible that a hardware problem is to blame for the battery’s drastic drop in performance. Most of the time, the software is to blame. If you follow the preceding procedures, most individuals will be able to discover a solution to their problem. The battery should be examined at the Apple Store if it’s still dying quickly.

Apple’s Battery Test at the Store

In-depth information regarding the general health of the phone may be gleaned through a diagnostics test performed by technicians. Several components are examined throughout this procedure. The battery is also included. Most of the time, it’s not even the battery that’s the problem. Although it may come as a surprise, there are additional variables that might affect battery life. Internal components might be damaged by minor fractures or water ingress, for instance. When a battery’s quality is compromised, so is its ability to be charged.

Battery exams are rather clear and simple to complete. Apple will not replace a battery that passes the test. However, if consumers are in need of a new battery, they have a few alternative choices. For the sake of convenience, repair shops and mail-in services are readily accessible, and their costs are often cheaper than those charged by Apple.


Users may do a lot to extend the life of their batteries. Durable and resistant: Apple has created a battery that can withstand a lot of stress. Typically, iPhone Batteries die out before the end of the day due to software issues. Users may extend the life of their phone’s battery by taking control of how their phone functions.

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