How to fix if Facetime is not working on iPhone

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FaceTime is a convenient method to connect with loved ones and coworkers scattered throughout the globe. FaceTime may be handy, but it doesn’t always operate as expected. iPhone, iPad and Mac users often utilise Facetime to make video calls. The functionality is built-in to iOS devices. A pre-installed version of FaceTime may be found on any of the aforementioned devices. Anyone with an apple product can have a video conference though FaceTime with anyone other who has an internet connection and an apple product.

How do FaceTime works?

To use FaceTime, you’ll need a device that can run the programme, as well as access to Wi-Fi, cellular data, or broadband Internet. A Mac computer running OS X Lion 10.7 or later is also one of the options available to users of the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. FaceTime isn’t available on devices older than the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPad 2.

FaceTime video and audio calls are simple to make and receive if you have a compatible device. Sign in with your Apple ID or enter your phone number if you haven’t already. To begin a conversation, just follow these steps:

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, how to use FaceTime on a computer:

  • Go to Settings, then FaceTime, and then click “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.”
  • Use your Apple ID to sign in.
  • Then go back to the Home screen and open FaceTime.
  • Tap the “+” button and type a person’s phone number, email address, or name if you already have them in your “Contacts” list.
  • Tap Return or your contact’s name when it comes up, and then tap Audio or Video to make a call.

Ways to Fix FaceTime Not Working Issue:

When FaceTime is functioning correctly, it is a wonderful app. High-definition video chat is available for you to use with your family and friends. However, if it’s not functioning, it’s a hassle. Your FaceTime isn’t working in iPhone for any one of a variety of reasons. To solve the issue, here are a few suggestions.

Restarting the Device

Restarting your device may assist at this point, so try it out first. It’s often mocked, but it may occasionally work if you switch it off and then back on. So, if you’re having difficulty using FaceTime, you may want to try resetting your phone. If it doesn’t work, try another approach.

Check the Web Servers

FaceTime will not operate for anybody if Apple’s servers are updated or malfunctioning. It’s pointless to try to address the problem yourself until Apple does.

Using System Statuses for Apple, you can keep tabs on the current server status of any Apple service. You’ll be able to observe whether the Facetime app is experiencing any server issues on this page.

Verify the Wi-Fi Connection

It may be necessary to switch off and then back on Wi-Fi in order to use FaceTime when you don’t have access to a normal Wi-Fi signal. The internet speed may be to blame if Facetime doesn’t function after you’ve switched on the Wi-Fi connection. Facetime issues may be caused by a variety of factors, the most common of which is a slow connection.

Open Facetime and log in

FaceTime requires an Apple ID or phone number to utilise. Head to Settings on your iOS device to check whether your contact information or Apple ID is shown underneath the FaceTime toggle.

If you’re using a Mac, click Facetime in the menu bar at the top. Tap on Settings in the drop-down menu. Your mobile number and Apple ID must be listed on the settings page appropriately. Sign in to your iPhone using your Apple ID and mobile number if your information is wrong.

Check the FaceTime Settings

Before using the app, Facetime must be enabled. If you don’t activate it, you won’t be able to utilise it. Follow the procedures outlined below to enable Facetime.

The Settings app on your iPhone should now be visible.

  • Tap on Facetime in the list of applications.
  • Facetime must be enabled.

Updating Your Devices

Waiting for an update on your gadget is inconvenient, especially when you have to stop what you are doing. However, the wait is well worth it. In addition to adding new features, updates fix issues and enhance the performance of existing applications. If your FaceTime crashes are caused by a programming fault on your phone, a simple software update may be all that’s needed to fix them.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is working properly by upgrading them to the most recent software version.

Verify the Date and time

Check your Date and Time settings to see if you can remedy FaceTime pauses and glitches. Make certain that the Date & Time Set Automatically option is turned on while using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, or Mac. Let me show you how.

Take a look at the Settings App on your iPhone.

  • Select General from the menu.
  • Select Date & time.
  • Turn on the option to set it automatically. This will automatically change the date and time on your device. Check to see whether the problem has been resolved.

If none of those methods works, then you’ve exhausted all of your options for resolving the Facetime Not Working issue. It’s possible that the person you’re attempting to contact may have a poor internet connection if nothing else works. If you are still facing any issue you can comment below and we will try to response.

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