How to Buy Cryptocurrency (ETH) in Australia

How to Buy Ethereum in Australia | Ways to Buy Ethereum in Australia

World’s one of the best known digital currencies, as well as a native asset of the Ethereum network, Ethereum (aka ETH), can be traded on a massive range of crypto exchanges across Australia. If you’re looking to buy Ethereum but don’t know how we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up step-by-step instructions to help you Buy Ethereum in Australia with ease. But, the first and foremost question is, where to buy? Here you go!

Ethereum Australia

1- CoinSpot: The CoinSpot in Australia is a perfect platform which enables you to not only buy but also sell more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

2- Cointree: The Cointree allows you to buy 30+ cryptocurrencies by sending funds electronically or using cash.

3- Huobi Australia: The Huobi Australia exchange lets you link your bank account and buy and sell 10 cryptocurrencies with AUD.

4- Coinbase: This is the world’s most renowned cryptocurrencies exchange for buying and selling all kind of cryptocurrency.

5- COINJAR: Last but absolutely not least, COINJAR is an Australia-based all-in-one platform to buy and Sell Ethereum in Australia. It also supports users and currencies from several countries

How to Buy?

There are 2 different ways to buy Ethereum. Buying with Australian dollars or buying Ethereum with another cryptocurrency such as Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin (BTC).

Buying Ethereum in Australian Dollars is quite easy but if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, we’ve included a bunch of instruction on how to buy Ethereum. Let’s get it on.

Buying with AUD

To Purchase Cryptocurrency with AUD, there’s an extensive amount of exchanges enabling you to buy Ethereum. Therefore, make sure you have compared all features and fees of a range of platforms before getting your hands on.

To make a long story short, we’ll guide you how to buy Ethereum on Australian exchange CoinSpot with Australian dollars.

Step 1 – Sign Up

Type a website named, visit and click on “Register” button which is located in the top right corner. Sign up then for an account by giving a bunch of information about yourself such as:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of Residency
  • An Image of Yourself Holding a Signed Statement

Be noted, before you move on to step 2, enable 2-factor authentication.

Step 2 – Deposit Your AUD

Once you’ve logged into your account, submit your AUD by clicking on Deposit AUD link – visible from an account dashboard. You’ll have 3 different ways to choose from:

  • Online Through POLi Payments
  • Online Using BPAY
  • Cash Deposit at a Participating Newsagent

Be mindful, you won’t be able to Buy Ethereum with PayPal.

Step 3: Buy Now

If your submitted funds have arrived in your account, go with Buy/Sell tab located at the top of the screen. Then select ETH (Ethereum) from a list and click on “Buy Ethereum”. Once you’re done, select how much amount you want to spend to buy ETH.

Don’t forget to click double on details and total cost of your transaction before you buy.

How to Buy Ethereum with Bitcoin (BTC)

If you’re scouting to exchange another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for Ethereum, there are countless exchanges enabling you to do so. Don’t forget to make a comparison of features and fees of a range of platform.

In order to give you a perfect example of how to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin, we’re using a method of Binance. Let’s have a look.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

As compared to Ethereum (which can be bought using a number of popular cryptocurrencies) Bitcoin is the simplest and easiest to obtain and trade. Do you have plentiful Bitcoins already? Don’t go with step 2 then.

Step 2 – Sign Up on a Binance

Type a name of website “”, visit and click on “Register” link which is located at the top right of the screen. Sign for an account by entering your email address and create a unique password. Same as above, don’t forget to enable 2-factor authentication before you go any further.

Note: You should be aware that if you want a higher account withdrawal limit, you’ll be needing to provide a proof of your ID card.

Step 3: Deposit Bitcoin (BTC)

Your Bitcoin will be stored on Binance already, if it’s so, skip ahead to step 4.

Despite, if your BTC is stored in a bitcoin wallet, find an address of your Binance wallet so that you can easily transfer BTC in your trading account.

All you have to do is, login into your account (at Binance), click on Funds (drop-down menu) and click on Deposit. Choose Bitcoin from a list and copy a wallet address or simply scan QR code given.

Step 4 – Buy Ethereum

Done with step 3? Click on “Exchange” tab located on the top left of the screen and then choose the Basic trading view. Use a search box, find out BTC/ETH pair and select how much you want to exchange.

Alarm! Before you click on “Buy ETH” make sure you’ve reviewed all the details of the transaction. And here is where the story ends.

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