How Technology Changes Parents into Step Parents

The widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet technology has revamped pour lifestyle. While technological advancement has made our life more convenient, it has weakened our relationships. We can communicate with a person sitting in another country or at another corner of the world but talking to the person sitting next to us is bothering.

How Technology Change Parents into Step Parents

Similarly, the technology has put a negative influence on the parents-kids relationship; parents are turning in step parents. Earlier, there was only a generation gap but today, there is a technological gap as well which creates hindrance in strengthening bonds with children or parents. In this digital age, parents have their own interests and social circle, whereas, kids have their own. There is an imperceptible boundary which keeps them away. This article discusses how technology has extended the gap between parents and kids and has made parenting even more complex.

Weak Parent-Kid Bonding

The researches indicate the excessive and needless use of internet technology, social media, and smartphones among teenagers. However, this uprising trend is also popular among parents. If you are a working mom or dad, you are bound to answer those WhatsApp chats started by your employer or co-workers. You have Facebook posts to check out at the dining table and emails to read while going to bed. Almost, the whole time you spend at home keeps you busy with your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Though you are doing your job and this is what makes you earn money for your kids, you need to set a limit. Give as much importance to a thing as it deserves and your kids deserve more importance without any doubt. When you fail to give enough time to your kids, they would find their support somewhere else. It would not just weaken your bonding with your kid but may also put your loved ones in dangers if they would start trusting any wrong person.

Social Media Turn Parents into Step Parents

You might have seen parents especially moms posting their kids’ photos on social media. They use to post such images to impress their fellow moms and show their bonding with their kids. But in reality, these images are not more than so-called social media posts. You do not need to exaggerate or show off your relationship. Instead, make some time out for your kids and celebrate a few technology-free moments. It is more important to make memories rather than capturing every moment to post on social media.

Technology Brings More Responsibilities

While technology brings more convenience, it also brings more responsibilities, particularly for parents. For example, the mobile phone lets your children communicate with family and fellows but the negative use of these smartphones can make them trapped by a predator. So, parents are responsible to supervise the mobile phone use of their kids to protect them from the menaces of this technology. Similarly, there are some risks attached to the use of social media and online platforms. Parents are needed to keep tabs on the online activities of their kids to safeguard them from the crooks in the online world.

Those parents who do not bother monitoring the digital lives of their kids may leave their children unsupported against bullies, molesters, sex offenders, scammers, cat-fishers and abusers. Leaving kids unmonitored means allowing predators to access and target them at liberty.

More Horrible Online Dangers

With the prevalence of digital technologies, it has become easier for the predators and abusers to exploit the target. They use social media platforms to gather information about the target and use this information to lure the target. Later, they sexually exploit the target and force her to stay in a physical relationship up until they want. Moreover, there are bullies who offend, humiliate and harass teenagers by using the electronic means. They use messages, chat-rooms, blogs, social media apps, instant messengers and other platforms to frequently tease the target. Many emotionally sensitive kids have lost their lives due to persistent cyber-bullying.

Usually, kids who do not share a strong bond with their parents do not inform their parents about bullying and sexual exploitation. They think their parents won’t understand them or take their privileges of mobile phones and other technologies back. This prevents parents from providing any needed support to their kids.

Do not let disappointment chases you for whole life

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The Bottom Line

Every technology has its own positive and negative side. It totally depends on how you use it. The limited and controlled use of mobile phones, social media and internet is not just compulsory for kids but also for parents to not become a step parent. Give more importance and time to your family because they deserve it and they need it as well.

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