How Power BI Governance Impacts Your Company’s Internal Dynamics

Last updated on November 30th, 2019

Organizations involved in any industry are aware of one of the most significant issues when it comes to data management: privacy. With the rise of reliable self-service business intelligence (BI) systems, including Microsoft’s very own Power BI, companies are shifting their data operations to make it a completely internal affair. As BI programs are more comfortable than ever to operate, more and more contributors and members of the corporate ecosystem can make use of such systems.

Despite its advantages, a consolidated application for data management that can be accessed by various members of a company is, in itself, a rather dangerous concept. As a result, experts have been stressing the importance of Power BI governance. Virtually, it ensures that only relevant individuals can access sensitive information, and no data can haphazardly leak outside of the circle of power.

Statistics show that 71% of business leaders believe that self-service programs promote desirable behaviour in the form of accelerated learning and responsiveness. As a result, it would be detrimental for both business operations and employee growth to remove Power BI from their data processes.

Instead, practising a careful approach to Power BI governance is the more feasible way to handle privacy, security, and trust concerns. Here is how it can impact your company’s internal dynamics.

Building a Risk-Free Culture of Trust

Business intelligence (BI) plays an essential role in any organization and is most useful to marketing, sales, finance, and compliance departments. Essentially, it’s a method of data management that involves the consolidation, visualization, and analysis of data from various sources. It plays a crucial role in helping executives and managers make essential business decisions and create appropriate strategies to combat unfavourable outputs.

Judging by its definition, it’s not difficult to tell that BI involves working with sensitive information. It may include statistics of surgical failure, sales projections, lead generation, campaign success, and other internal data that should not be accessible to the entire organization. As a result, you need to control who has access to what.

For instance, Power BI grants you the opportunity to only share information with specific individuals. Therefore, it would be blocked even to collaborators who can access the enterprise application.

Choosing the right approach to Power BI governance can save your business from internal conflict. If important information leaks to the entire organization, then fingers can be pointed, and power play can be used to abuse the lack of security.

By providing a clear definition of roles, responsibilities, and limitations, everyone can be accounted for processes that are within their scope of responsibility. Moreover, by providing clear policies on the utilization of the Power BI platform, trust can become an organizational standard.

Stress-Free Implementation and Conflict-Free Environment

Ensuring a healthy approach to Power BI governance involves following an implementation road map. By doing so, you can avoid the premature deployment of a new system that may result in dangerous technical errors. For instance, by not being fully prepared to use Power BI, a manager may accidentally send out data of employees’ salaries, which may cause conflict among individuals.

Moreover, as self-service BI systems are also cooperative, ensuring that data does not get stolen or changed on each collaborator’s end can be tricky. To mitigate this human error, you may implement standardized reporting systems, ownership datasets, and dashboards, and limiting shared data to view-only. Regardless, the governance method that suits your organization best has to cater to its structure, goals, and needs.

Ultimately, it’s pertinent to empower a method of strict internal governance with the use of the Power BI platform. It will result in a healthy working environment that is compliant with company policies and fully understands the way these new systems work.

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