Hands-on Video of Galaxy S10 Reveals a weird Screen Protector

To date, we have seen quite a few (a plethora of, in fact) Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks and now leaks continue to trickle out – giving us more information about Galaxy S10 ahead of its official release next week.

A new hands-on video is showing Samsung Galaxy S10+ which has been shared by some online sources. The brief video is indicating a front of Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a screen protector. And maybe a hole in the screen protector near the bottom of the display is the most interesting part of the revealed video. The hole is quite clear when the screen is off – but it’s harder to be visible when the display is on.

As for what that hole on the bottom of the handset is for, it’s most likely that the cutout is there for the Samsung Galaxy S10+’ ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint scanner.

It’s also possible that if the cutout weren’t there, the fingerprint scanner wouldn’t work as the screen protector seems to be too thick.

The cutout was made in a screen protector to get around this issue and enable users to unlock S10+ with their fingers.

The hole in the screen proctor, of course, looks a little strange, at least to me. But, it’s much better as compared to not being able to use the S10+ on-screen fingerprint scanner.

We are expecting Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+’s screen protectors to be thin so that we will be able to use the on-screen fingerprint scanner accurately without any issue and without a cutout.

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