Google to Introduce 30-Day Fitness Challenge in January 2019

The first month of 2019 is going to be quite buy in a gym with a plethora of attendees signing up with a hope to change their lives entirely.

How is this possible that Google isn’t aware of this? Google has now introduced their 30-day challenge in Google Fit to help you even move more.

If you are looking to join Google Fit, simply download an app named Google Fit from Play Store or App Store. After downloading it, open it and click on a link to get enrolled in that challenge, which will start from January first.

In order to fulfill that challenge, you have to get as many points as possible with Fit automatically logging your all activities during gym. However, you can add them manually as well.

The “Move Minutes” addition came with last major update to the platform which a focus on hitting 150 heart points in a week. These points are set by AHA (American Heart Association) and WHO (World Health Organization). It’s said that it will reduce the risk of heart disease and will improve your sleep and increase your mental health.

Google has done a lot to encourage people to do more – for instance, Google has picked #GetFitWithGoogle on Twitter and Instagram. To get started, Google has engaged 36 influencers from 9 countries worldwide.

There only a disappointing factor which is Google has made no moves to socialize the Fit platform. Obviously, everyone would love sharing his or her 150bpm heart rate with his or her nearest and dearest after a heavy workout to convince them to do the same.

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