Google Home Mini Review – A Smart Speaker and Home Assistant for Any Room

Google Mini Smart Speakers in Australia are becoming one of the fastest rising categories nowadays. A bunch of predictors has already claimed that they outsold wearable right after the holiday season. Did not you buy it yet? Perhaps you have seen or heard at least some of the buzz around the Google-powered Smart Speaker brands or its competition.

Don’t you know what all the fuss is about? Don’t worry! Here is a quick Smart Speakers Review in Australia including its design, audio performance, and assistant performance.

 What Exactly Google Home Mini Is?

A couple of months back in August, it was considered as a small version of Google Home smart speaker which was released in Australia earlier in 2018. Just like its bigger brother, Google Home Mini supports an extensive range of hands-free functionality such as it has the capability to report the latest news or traffic conditions, manage your appointments via Google Calendar, and play music automatically from Google Play Music and Spotify.

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Actually, Google Home Mini makes use of the voice-recognition abilities of Google Assistant, a simulated personal assistant which powers the Google Home. For example, Siri (in iPhones) and Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant properly listen for a command phrase and works accordingly without any error. In order to do so, Google Assistant will require an endless Internet connection to function.

Google Home in Australia is the closest thing, but it’s going to be a long time before we suit up in iron armour to save the world. Although Google Home handles to do numerous things pretty well and it’s also obvious that it is a first-gen product along with dozens of room for improvement.

Google Home Mini Smart Speakers Design

Maybe you would be surprised to see how small it is. The speaker has just a 96.4mm diameter and stands around 142.8mm high. There are a replaceable grey metal and fabric case around the base of the plastic white speaker that covers the Home’s speakers.

In Australia, you can only choose Carbon, whereas a Copper option is coming soon. Other than Australia, you have an option to select different-coloured base styles. If you want to change a base, it is quite simple as it magnetically attaches and holds so secure even though you wouldn’t realize it is changeable when taking the first look.

There is nothing to discuss about connections, with only a single power plug port on the bottom. You will see a single button to mute the microphone. On the top of the speakers, there are two discreet, small holes for the far-field microphones having the capability to pick up your voice when you are at distance, even with distortion. All you have to do is command line “Okay, Google”. It is astonishing to see how awesome the microphones work.

Audio Performance

Google Home Mini speaker is specially designed to perform as a central hub of your smart home, that means being able to do lots of things in a good way. Of course, Google Home Mini is a speaker and needs to sound good.

The speakers are made to participate with digital streaming services such as works with Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and TuneIn Radio and interestingly, there is no real support for high-end audio to keep the audiophiles pleased.

As compared to Google Home Mini, the audio quality of a Sonos Play: 1 is little fuzzier and misses the clarity that Sonos is able to deliver.

Without a doubt, it is a perfectly adequate option for those who will place a Home spear next to their bed, capable of playing music without distortion.

Digital Assistant Performance of Google Home Speakers

Digital Assistant is one of the real selling points of the Google Home speaker like J.A.R.V.I.S. Google Home comes with a solid base and proves that there is a long way to go before this technology becomes entirely universal.

You are required to tie speakers to your Google account via Google Home app when first setting up. After that, you would be able to recognise your own voice that helps you get daily updates regarding your day i.e. weather news from a range of Australian and international sources.

As it is connected to the Internet all the time, it helps you solve your quick math problems, translate phrases to any other languages, define words or gets sports results and much more.

Moreover, if you are looking to play a podcast, you cannot yet, unfortunately. Neither has it turned off your TV once you have watched something on Netflix.

There is nothing to be worried as all these hurdles will definitely be solved via software updates in the future. Google Home Mini smart speaker is just a few months old products and Google will be taking every lesson from every voice command thrown at it.

Final Words

Google Home with Smart Speakers in Australia is absolutely an advantage. It just costs around AU$200 which makes feel like good value. The speakers are great and work outstanding with Netflix and Stan, but not Google Play Music. We are hopeful to see that integration introduced soon.

Though Google Home speaker is not J.A.R.V.I.S., there is still plenty to like about it. As a speaker, it does a perfect job and plays music well and you can use it for getting a quick snapshot of your day or any latest news headlines. Isn’t it amazing?

Does it sound good to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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