CoinSpot Exchange Review: The Best Exchange to Buy and Sell over 100 Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin

CoinSpot Exchange Review - The Features, Fees, Banks, Best Apps & More

Have you ever had a thought of finding the best place where you can easily buy and sell Cryptocurrencies? The answer to all of your concerns about all notions of Cryptocurrencies is “CoinSpot Exchange” in Australia.

CoinSpot Australia Review

The year 2017-18 had been tremendous for the global reputation of Cryptocurrencies and most of the people are now willing to invest a decent amount in different Cryptocurrencies in order to make a passive cash flow. Cryptocurrencies came to the attention of people when some time ago “Bitcoin” touched the highlights of popularity and ever since many new Cryptocurrencies had emerged in the market. Now it is extremely vital to look for a perfect marketplace or an exchange to buy and sell the Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Coinspot Australia review is highly significant so that people might have the information about one of the best exchange to sell and buy Bitcoin and 100+ other cryptocurrencies.

Coinspot Exchange Australia

Coinspot Exchange Australia is a perfect hub where people who want to buy or sell any sort of cryptocurrencies. The exchange was founded in the year 2013 and since then it has emerged as one of the best platforms to find information about most of the cryptocurrencies and buy to sell it accordingly. Coinspot provides beginners with the essential information they need about any cryptocurrency. Once the beginners have the initial information about any cryptocurrency and its current status in the market along with its competition with other cryptocurrencies, then individuals may buy any cryptocurrency from a wide range of choice.

Coinspot Australia buying/Selling

Coinspot is generally a major platform for the people of Australia, but it is a borderless exchange and provides its services to every part of the world. Coinspot Australia has been an imperative source of exchanging hub for the people who like to buy or sell any type of cryptocurrency. Some beginners might have concerns regarding the authenticity of Coinspot as it does not need any borders, but it definitely is a legitimate source for exchanging cryptocurrencies and even satisfies some of the basic laws as well.

Coinspot Traders Australia

Traders who had been using the medium of this exchange have been making a very good amount of profit either by selling or buying the cryptocurrencies from the platform of Coinspot. Coinspot traders Australia can now deposit the fee to buy any cryptocurrency by the following options.

Options for DepositChargesMin. Deposit Max. Deposit
Blueshyft (Cash Deposit)3%$50$8,000 per day
BPAY0.9%$0$1,000 per day
Online Bank TransferNo$1$20,000 per day

Coinspot Australia App

Coinspot Australia app is a major source of exchange which is providing a podium to the traders. The App of Coinspot has a very simple but informative style which can easily be used by any trader. It is also to be noted that the overall layout the app of Coinspot is self-explanatory, which means even if you are using the app for the first time you will get all the necessary information and working credentials quite easily.

Here are some of the options which traders  will find on Coinspot App

WALLETSWhere traders can deposit the money and use it for trading or buying of their cryptocurrency
BUY/SELLWhere traders get different options of currencies to pick for buying and selling
OTCWhere traders may have a direct access to crypto professionals and may also find services of lockers etc.
MARKETWhere traders may look or compare different currencies

Coinspot vs. Coinbase

In the comparison of Coinspot vs. Coinbase, the winner is “Coinspot”. As the “Coinspot” provides its traders with the graphs of each and every sort of currencies. If we talk about “Coinsbase” then it is not a very authentic medium for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Below is an example of the graph from “Coinspot”.

bitcoin price chart

This graph shows the current rate, score and market position of Bitcoin and same is the case each and every cryptocurrency on “Coinspot”. The graphs for every currency is what attracts the traders to this website, as everyone wants a legitimate source of information and providing information in the form of a graph for every currency is the most authentic means of authorized information for the traders.

Coinspot Australia Fee

Coinspot Australia fees are based on a framework which is also shown below in the table. The table shows the type of transactions and the percentage of transactions which a trader can undergo during the course of the different process.

This is the breakdown of transaction fee In terms of percentage of “Coinspot”

AU$ WithdrawalTotally free
Withdrawal out the Coinspot walletDepends on type
Quick buying and selling1%

Hence, the “Coinspot” has attained a very prominent position as one of the best exchange for the purposes of buying or selling of different cryptocurrencies. It is also to be that it is the first platform ever to provide its users with the best services in terms of deposit and withdrawals. Traders using the Coinspot are very happy and give entirely positive remarks on the overall performance of this platform.

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  • Provide initial level information to new traders
  • Provide a direct linkage with professionals of this platform
  • Easy deposit procedure
  • Easy withdrawal system
  • Making instant profit
  • Compare different currencies
  • Illustrations with the help of graphs and tables
  • Traders to make more profit within no time
  • Low markup cost
  • Wallet services are also provided
  • Access to more than 100 crypto currencies


  • Specifically target the Australian traders
  • Global traders might feel felt out
  • Not many services for international traders
  • Transaction fee might be high at times
  • Deposit might take more time for international traders



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