Boost Mobile Plans with a Big Data and More Options are Available Now

Today, Boost Mobile surprised people all over Australia with an announcement of a big plan refresh and a new data inclusions are market-beaters – offering some of the great value on Telstra network and – in most of the cases- for dollars value around, period.

mobile plans boost

Here is the list of plans that all come with limitless talk and text on a 28-day recharge:

  • $10 for 3GB (up from 1.5GB)
  • $20 for 5GB (up from 3GB)
  • $30 for 20GB (up from 12GB)
  • $40 for 30GB (up from 22GB)
  • $50 for 40GB (up from 32GB)
  • $70 for 65GB (up from 52GB)

It’s worth noting that all the above plans are being offered on a 28-day recharge – you will end up recharging 13 times throughout the year.

Not only has this, but Boost Mobile also announced new long expiry prepaid planned with 186 and 365-day expiry options. The plans come with limitless talk and text alongside the options which are as follow:

  • $100 for 60GB over 186 Days
  • $200 for 150GB over 186 Days
  • $150 for 80GB over 365 Days
  • $300 for 240GB over 365 Days

Boost has now extended the inclusion of international calls to all plans, including its long expiry deals. Plans are now available to 20-30 selected destinations with unlimited text and calls. All plans are also supplied with a limited international talk and text allowance for an additional 25-35 destinations.

Boost has also increased the roll-over to cover 28-day expiry plans of $20 or higher, where previously only plans for $30 or higher were available. Unused data, however, only rolls for use in the next recharge. This is a pity because most other data roll-over providers allow you to keep your data up to a definite limit of 200 GB.

Interestingly, Boost is offering a bonus of 150GB of data on a first five recharges for their new customers – in case they activate by May 13 and get recharged with $30 or higher. Be noted that one must make remaining recharges by September 2 in order to get subsequent bonuses.

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