The Best Mobile App Development Tools

The Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for Every Developer

Cross-platform mobile app development tools make the best of existing web technologies in building mobile apps that can perfectly run on any platform. So rather than restricting your apps in individual and different platforms, you can take a universal approach to code.

These platforms enable you to write codes for an app that can be used for iOS, Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry OS.

They are designed on the Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) basis. The market is buzzing with such apps for the simple reason that they can be used on almost every modern mobile device.

We will be highlighting the top 10 tools being used by mobile app development companies as well as freelance developers worldwide.

best app development tool

Here are the cross-platform development tools that make our list.


This tool makes it easy to build a native mobile app with a great mobile app UI by writing a single JavaScript code. Here, you can write web content in native applications without struggling with limited compatibility. It is fast to use and easy for evaluating the user’s interaction with the UI.


PhoneGap is great for cross-platform development. It is best for apps that do not need to use the basic features of your phone. It packages apps within a native container, which makes it easy for device-level APIs to be accessed by JavaScript, just like regular apps do.


Nativescript finds application in building native mobile apps. It supports the deployment of native JavaScript APIs. It also allows existing NPM plugins to be used directly, thus making it easier for the features of the app to be extended.


This tool uses a shared C# codebase for cross-platform development. It also allows the use of a single IDE, API, and language all through. Its Xamarin studio also directly supports Git integration.


The RhoMobile Suite is designed on the Rhodes framework. It includes tools for data-centered enterprise and consumer apps. It allows developers to use a free Eclipse plugin known as RhoStudio to generate, develop, debug. This plugin can also test the developed apps without needing any other emulator or hardware.

Sencha Touch

This tool is excellent because it uses hardware acceleration techniques. It is fantastic for designing apps for large organizations as it has well-integrated mobile app UIs.

Codename One

Codename One is a tool that is fast and easy to use. It is also easily integrated with native platforms at native speeds. It has test automation tools and simulator devices.


Motocross is terrific at developing beautiful apps. It uses Microsoft .Net, C#, and Mono frameworks for mobile app development.


Convertigo enables mobile enterprise apps to be developed through its Convertigo Server, Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Mobilizer, and Convertigo Cloud.

Kony Mobile Platform

This tool makes it possible to write codes automatically. It also has API connections and allows for app preview.

In conclusion, we must state the IT world is generally explosive. Lots of new mobile app updates come up frequently. Brand new mobile app development tools are churned out by developers regularly. Therefore, you need to keep current as a developer.

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