The Best Android Games in (2018 -2019) – Something That Takes Enjoyment to the Next Level

Top 9 Android Games in 2018 | Best Free Offline Andorid Games of 2018 - Australia

Whenever it comes to playing games on a smartphone, Android doesn’t find itself in a shadow spread by iOS. That’s actually good news as we have already got our hands on super-powerful flagships such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and Huawei P20 Pro for fulfilling up with all kinds of games available.

There is an extensive amount of games for Android smartphones in Google Play Store but it’s indeed a hard nut to crack to find a perfect one. To help you get rid of this, we have compiled a list of Best Android Games 2018 in Australia which are currently available in Play Store. Some will set you back a few bucks whereas rest of the games are absolutely free of cost. No matter which one you go for, every single game provides an entertaining experience.

1: Pumped BMX 3 (Price US $3.99/AU $5.49) Download

Pumped BMX 3 | Best Android Game 2018

Chances are you won’t be inspired by Pumped BMX 3 as colorful visuals and simple game control come across as a normal take on BMX 3. But quite quickly bucks any satisfaction from a burden and leaves it a shattered mess on a floor. The last Pumped BMX 2 was great enough over Pumped BMX into an air alongside merry abandon – however, it’s all about a mastery.

Don’t be in a hurry, properly learn course layout and timings as trying to wing may lead you to be crushed. Play with a peace of mind and you’ll gradually work your way via each level. That’s enough for a beginner but with a confidence, you can make stunts that help you boost your overall score.

2: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (Free) Download

Pro Evolution Soccer | Best Android Game
The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is undoubtedly one of the Best Android Games in Australia which lets you experience authentic soccer while on the go by playing as teams worldwide including Japanese, French and Brazilian national teams.

The game has already been played traditionally on a PlayStation and PC and in recent years, it’s now available on a smartphone as well with exquisite results. This game is free of cost – however, if you don’t mind spending a bunch of bucks, you will then be able to get extra players.

3: CSR Racing 2 (Free) Download

CSR Racing 2 | Best Android Game

If you’re looking for Best Android Games for Toddlers, look no further as CSR Racing 2 has got you covered. This game is a great combination of a plethora of sweet graphics alongside neat urban drag racing gameplay. It’s a kind of game in which several players are competing for each other in flat-out drag races with perfectly timed gear-shifts and exactly deceived -out cars.

You can work via head-to-head online multiplayer battles against others as well as a single player campaign. Though it’s not all about racing in the streets, rather you can go all out with customizations in your car, rims, interior rims, and so many technical elements.

4: Supertype (Price US $1.99/AU $2.79) Download

Supertype | Best Android Game

Not really for those looking for Best Android Games Free Download in Australia but rather for those who love playing with spellings all day long no matter if they pay bucks for that. The game’s name is more concerned with a shape of letters as compared to words they might create. Every single designed level helps you starting at a setup of lines, empty spaces, and dots in which to type.

The main purpose to get all the letters you type to dots. Most of the times, the solution may be fairly obvious. Besides, it’s most likely that you’ll scratch your head while experimenting, trying new approaches and grinning ear-to-ear on cracking a solution.

5: Minecraft (Price US $6.99/AU $9.66) Download

Minecraft | Best Android Game

One of the most famous games worldwide for people of all ages especially for those who had not played ever. The Minecraft puts you in a world where you mine stuff, build stuff, beat up and bad guys and so much more whatsoever you want.

You will get a survival mode but it only becomes available after using your own resources and food. Hence it gives you everything unlimited. Always download updates as Minecraft has added an abundance of new possibilities and content.

Also available for PC users and console counterparts with an option to play on multiplayer servers with a person on those platforms. If you’re looking for Best Android Games Free, it’s not a game to go for as there are in-app purchased but these are just for customizing things such as skin packs.

6: Nintendo Games (Free/Premium) Download

Nintendo Games

Without a shadow of a doubt, Nintendo has a vast range of Android games and every single game is pretty decent. The most appealing game by Nintendo so far is Super Mario Run. Besides, Nintendo comes up with a couple of other options including Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Most recently, Nintendo added another mind-blowing game named Dragalia Lost. Though it’s a little bit rough around the edges, we are expecting Nintendo to make it quite better over time. Do you know, Nintendo isn’t a part of Developers of Pokémon and Game Freaks? That’s why Nintendo lodge various slots.

7: Part Time UFO (US $3.99/AU $5.99) Download

Part Time UFO | Best Android Game

It’s a kind of physics-based stacking games houses a lovely UFO that has crash0landed on Earth and now trying out to living. That’s fine. In such era, aliens aren’t sent to Area 51 and rather scour job ads to earn a little bit cash.

Alas! A tiny UFO is made of stern stuff and is backed by a huge claw to pick up things. This only proves convenient for part time jobs – doing almost everything from loading deliveries on a truck to assisting a circus elephant’s outstanding ending while balancing on a tightrope with more than 5 animals insecurely placed on a limit.

8: Just Dance Now (Free) Download

Just Dance Now | Best Android Game

Don’t you know how to dance? Don’t worry as here is where Just Dance Now comes into play as nothing else can bring a party together like getting people to dance. This dazzling smartphone game hit console series and bring more than 200 titles under a single roof for not only Android but also for iOS.

The game is absolutely free of cost and you will need not to pay bucks for most songs. However, after spending $1/hour, you can temporarily buy a pass – great for a whole night of entertainment. And with a help of using Apple AirPlay and Google Cast, you can cast it on a big screen. It’s also one of the Best Android Games Offline if you don’t want to stay connected while playing.

9: Death Road to Canada (Price US $9.99/AU $13.99) Download

Death Road to Canada | Best Android Game

Did you even enjoy a game having zombies in it? If not then take a road trip to the zombie-free nation on earth – a kind of rogue-like action RPG game by way of Oregon Trail. You’ll lead your survivors through zombie apocalypse with care alongside weapons, food and other supplies while slithering past the worst of the crowds via a mixture of super-powered firearms and stealth.

You will find so many disparate casts of characters with their own unplanned characters which can easily effect events and choices down the road. The game’s dazzling generated system will make sure that everything you go through will be unique enabling loads of replay-ability.

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